Scorpio New Moon - November 21

Oct 30, 2021

Thursday 4th November at 21.15 GMT is the Scorpio new moon.

My Moon Musings…

The last Libra New Moon lead you into autumnal new beginnings. Then along came the Aries full moon to root you firmly into yourself, your energy, your intuition and the belief, strength and courage within you to know who you are. Now to help alchemise that and awaken your inner power and magic is the Scorpio new moon.

Be ready. Because this new moon is a pivotal, powerful turning point in your life. This new moon is going to be transformative in so many ways.

This new moon is here to help you to soul search, to shift, to transform, to alchemise. Under this new moon it’s time to face your fears, bring your shadows to the light, turn your pain into passion and find a deep self-love, self-acceptance and self-belief that will carry you forwards. The person you entered Scorpio season as will not be the same person you leave as. Are you ready?

The moon entering her dark moon phase on Halloween is the perfect sign for what she wants us to do on one of the most magical days of the year and running up to the new moon – withdraw, retreat, rest and reflect.

This is going to be a powerful time to face fears, embrace shadows, explore your subconscious thoughts and beliefs, and uncover any deep unwanted feelings or truths you have buried within you. It’s beneath all of these that your true magic, inner power, and wisdom lies.

To deepen this soul searching and transformation Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio enters Scorpio the day before Halloween and is conjunct the new moon. Mars the planet of motivation, inspiration, drive and desire in Scorpio will ask you to investigate your deepest inner desires, urges and passions and whether you’re really getting what you want out of your life.

You won’t be able to ignore the deep intuitive truths (you’ve likely known for a while) about things in your life that aren’t working and what you’ve been trying to avoid or hide from. This is time to face the truth. To trust yourself and what you are being shown.

This moon is here to help you to step up and rise beyond fears and claim back your power and what you really truly want from life. It will become clear to you under this moon where you are ready to rise in your power. Where you have had enough of living a lie or playing it small or allowing your fears or worries about other people’s opinions or expectations to hold you back.

It all starts now, under this new moon, with the reclamation and remembering of who you are and what you want. Time to awaken your inner power and magic…

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Tuesday 2nd November, 7-9pm BST




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