Guided Meditations

Receive Higher Wisdom & Guidance Meditation

A powerful 16-min meditation to access deep intuitive wisdom and open your spiritual sense, seeing beyond the physical world and the human you and expanding into spiritual realms and infinite consciousness.

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Receive Higher Wisdom & Guidance Meditation

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Aquarius Full Moon Meditation

1 x 15 min meditation. A powerful meditation to help you work with the energies of this moon.

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Lunar Living - Aquarius Full Moon Meditation

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Soul Connection Meditation

A powerful meditation to help you to connect with your soul’s essence and purpose and free yourself to follow your true north.

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Soul Connection Meditation

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Trust & Surrender Meditation

This meditation will help you to find a place of deep trust within you, a place in which you know that everything is happening just as it should. From this place we will help you to surrender and let go of anything not meant for you creating space for new to come in. This mediation will take you into a deep state of trust and surrender. This meditation is 15 minutes long.

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Trust & Surrender Meditation

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Awaken to the Divine Meditation

This is a powerful meditation to do over the course of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction to go more deeply into this transformational moment in time. This meditation is 17 minutes long.

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Awaken to the Divine Meditation

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Meet Medicine Woman - Meditation & Guide

1 x 15min meditation, journal prompts and practices

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Meet Medicine Woman

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Lammas Meditation

Celebrate and honour the peak of summer with this Lammas meditation. Connect with and draw wisdom from Mother Earth beneath you as you reflect inwards to harvest your inner gratitude and abundance. Contains bonus journaling prompts. This meditation is 16 minutes long.

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Lammas Meditation

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Soul Connection Meditation

This meditation will help support you through times of change by connecting you with your Soul essence, the wise, all knowing part of you. Find trust, belief and calm amidst any times of chaos.  This meditation is 15 minutes long.

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Soul Connection for Times of Change Meditation

£7.50 GBP

Slow Down and Connect with Your Inner Wisdom Meditation

Use this guided meditation to take time out away from the noise of the world to take care of yourself. this meditation will help you to slow down, give yourself what you need and to access the wisdom and guidance that lives within you.  This meditation is approximately 11 minutes long.

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Slow Down and Connect to your Inner Wisdom Meditation

£7.50 GBP

Autumn Equinox Meditation + Worksheet Bundle

4 meditations and soul worksheets to help you welcome the autumn equinox/

Grounding with the Chakras Meditation - 19 mins
Deeply Releasing Meditation - 15 mins
Inner Knowing Meditation - 16 mins
Autumn Equinox Meditation - 17 mins 
Worksheets x 4 - Inner Harvest | Shedding & Releasing the Past | Autumn Intention Setting | Setting up a Spiritual Practice
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Autumn Equinox Meditation Bundle (with Soul Worksheets)

£22.00 GBP

Summer Solstice Meditation

1 x 18 min meditation, a powerful summer solstice meditation to help you work with the energies of this season.

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Summer Solstice Meditation

£7.50 GBP

Summer Solstice Meditation Bundle

3 meditations to help you welcome the summer solstice and prepare you to walk through the doorway to the second half of the year. 

Rise & Shine Meditation - 11 mins - A short, relaxing morning meditation to welcome in the summer solstice
Summer Solstice Meditation - 18 mins - This meditation uses a beautiful visualisation to allow you to listen to the inner whispers of your heart and soul
Stepping Forwards Meditation - 13 mins - A powerful meditation to prepare yourself for new beginnings, to step fully and completely into who you are meant to be
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Summer Solstice Meditation Bundle

£15.00 GBP

Shadow Work Meditation

Use this guided meditation to bring your shadows to light, to love yourself fully - the light and dark. This meditation will help you to connect with both parts of yourself and work on inner peace and acceptance.  This meditation is approximately 14 minutes long.

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Shadow Work Meditation

£7.50 GBP

Inner Guidance Journaling Meditation

If you’ve ever struggled to journal, or you're not sure what to write, this is the meditation for you. Use this meditation before journalling to connect you to your inner guidance, wisdom and intuition and what they need you to know. This meditation will lead you straight into your journaling practice so make sure you have your journal and pen ready. This meditation is approximately 12 minutes long.

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Inner Guidance Journaling Meditation

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Cord Cutting Meditation

This cord cutting meditation will help you to cut old ties and make space for new beginning. This meditation is approximately 13 minutes long.

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Cord Cutting Meditation

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Spring Clearing Charka Meditation

Use this chakra meditation to integrate the lessons from your winter hibernation and clear and awaken your energy centres ready for spring new beginnings. This meditation is approximately 15 minutes long.

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Spring Clearing Chakra Meditation

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Magnetic Manifesting Meditation

Use this guided meditation to bring your flames of desire to life, to make yourself magnetic to all that you want to create in your life. This meditation will get you into the manifesting high vibes, easily and effortlessly drawing to you all that you desire. This meditation is approximately 13 minutes long.

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Magnetic Manifesting Meditation

£7.50 GBP


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