Meditations by Kirsty Gallagher


Inner Guidance Journaling Meditation

If you’ve ever struggled to journal, or you're not sure what to write, this is the meditation for you. Use this meditation before journalling to connect you to your inner guidance, wisdom and intuition and what they need you to know. This meditation will lead you straight into your journaling practice so make sure you have your journal and pen ready. This meditation is approximately 12 minutes long.

Buy Inner Guidance Journaling Meditation
Inner Guidance Journaling Meditation

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Cord Cutting Meditation

This cord cutting meditation will help you to cut old ties and make space for new beginning. This meditation is approximately 13 minutes long.

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Cord Cutting Meditation

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Spring Clearing Charka Meditation

Use this chakra meditation to integrate the lessons from your winter hibernation and clear and awaken your energy centres ready for spring new beginnings. This meditation is approximately 15 minutes long.

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Spring Clearing Chakra Meditation

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Magnetic Manifesting Meditation

Use this guided meditation to bring your flames of desire to life, to make yourself magnetic to all that you want to create in your life. This meditation will get you into the manifesting high vibes, easily and effortlessly drawing to you all that you desire. This meditation is approximately 13 minutes long.

Buy Magnetic Manifesting Meditation
Magnetic Manifesting Meditation

£7.50 GBP
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