Kirsty Gallagher is a moon mentor, soul alignment and transformation coach, yoga teacher and meditation teacher with an infectious passion for life.

She has been sharing the life-changing benefits of yoga and the moon for 13 years through classes, workshops, private and corporate sessions, and has taught over 80 worldwide retreats. She is the founder of the online sisterhood Lunar Living, which teaches you how to weave the secret and ancient wisdom of the moon into modern, everyday life.

Kirsty works alongside women helping them live back in alignment with an ancient cycle, a natural rhythm and flow, and she helps them to connect back into their authenticity and purpose. Weaving lunar wisdom with soul guidance readings, astrology and cutting-edge transformational coaching techniques, Kirsty helps women to overcome doubts, fears and self-sabotage to find a deep inner connection and meaning in life.

Kirsty has shared moon magic on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show and This Morning and been featured in YOU Magazine, Stylist, Red Magazine, Women’s Health, Soul and Spirit Magazine and Natural Health Magazine.

Described as down to earth, warm-hearted, compassionate and inspiring, Kirsty is known for bringing ancient mystical practices and wisdom to modern day life in a relatable way that anyone and everyone can take something from.

Looking back, I’ve always been fascinated by the moon and astrology. I remember as a teenager pouring over astrology books to find out all about my sun sign and moon sign and how it related to me as a person and life.

My real journey with the moon began in 2009 when I spent 8 months in India. Immersed in my yoga teacher training and on a real soul journey, the moon came to be one of my greatest teachers.

It is traditional not to practice yoga on the full and new moon (due to the energetic forces the moon has on us as humans) and here I saw for myself the effects of the moon.

You could actually feel things shift on moon days, the energy differed, and people’s moods and personalities noticeably changed and my love affair with the moon began.

Moon days became days for self-care, self-reflection and also for me fasting. The Hindu tradition has long recognised and respected the influence the moon has on humans and their behaviours and it is traditional in many Indian households to fast on full and new moon days (known as Purnima and Amavasya). I loved the devotional aspect to this honouring of the cycles of the moon and so fasting became a ritual for me too.

These days of quiet contemplation allowed me to fully connect to and draw upon the energies of the moon and immerse in her effects and guidance.

It became a turning point, a day of insights and answers and deep stirrings in my heart and soul.

I continued the practice for little while upon returning to the UK but as is often the case “real life” got in the way. I still wanted a way to mark these transitional points in each month, so I developed ceremonies and rituals in order to stay in tune with the moons ever changing cycles.

It was only a matter of time before I began running ‘yoga moon workshops’ to help people connect to the powerful energies of the full and new moon.

I began sharing my moon wisdom through posts on social media, in all the yoga classes I teach and now run regular workshops on this.

The interest and hundreds of emails and direct messages I get from everyone from businessmen to mums, teenage girls to older men made me realise that people of all ages, from all backgrounds and in all walks of life are actively seeking a reconnection to cycles, to nature, to understanding rhythms, seeking guidance and ultimately a different way to live. To no longer just be thrown around by emotions and feelings, not sure why you are feeling like this or that.

Working with the ancient wisdom of the moon brings answers to all of this, and this course will help you to not only understand but also work with the moon to create real transformation.

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