Align with the wisdom of the moon.

Lunar yoga & meditation classes.

Join me each new and full moon to spend time honouring the call of your soul. As the moon takes us into the watery inner world of our emotions, intuition and dreams, she helps us to know ourselves like never before. The moon helps us to hear the call of the soul. 
The moon falls in a different sign of the zodiac every full and new moon through the year, bringing different influences, lessons, opportunities, challenges, positive and testing aspects, traits and a different focus and life area into the moonlight. This helps us to keep flowing with the rhythm of life as we use the different energies, characteristics and symbols of each sign to help us to explore, heal and delve deeper into the relevant areas in our own lives.
We'll take a yoga session followed by a powerful guided mediation to draw down the energies of the moon. I'll also share all you need to know about the current moon and planetary alignments including some journaling prompts and guidance on how to work with these energies.

Thursday 16th December, 7-9pm (GMT) 

Prepare for change with the Gemini full moon 

Coming days before the Winter Solstice this change maker full moon is here to help you to close off the traditional year and lead you into new beginnings, into a new cycle. 
Feelings of anxiety, heightened emotion and having so much to do, but you’re not sure what or how, often accompany this full moon. Uncertainty and indecision or even just the noise in your head can make this a confusing time.
But the element of confusion under this moon has a real purpose. It is asking you to find the real truth of the matter – to move away from what is expected of you, to let go of ways of thinking, beliefs and choices that have not been working for you and may even be holding you back.

Under the light of this full moon we’ll help you to step into your truest authenticity and share your unique gifts and talents with the world. We’ll use the change loving gemini energies to help you to see where you have been avoiding seeing the truth and therefore not making much-needed transformations in your life.
We’ll take a yoga and meditation practice to call in the ideas, downloads of inspiration, information and knowledge that this moon wants to bring, seeing the glimpses of all that’s possible for you and yet to come. We’ll use this moon to let go of all that holds you back and start to put in the groundwork for all that’s waiting for you to explore.
This will be followed by a powerful guided mediation to draw down the energies of this moon. I'll also share all you need to know about this moon and some journaling prompts and guidance.
You can book the live class up until 6.45pm on the day of the class.The replay option will remain open to book until 10.45am the morning after the class. Replays are sent out at 11am.

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"I just did your class and I had to reach out to say – you’re actually magical! I had a complete transformation in those two hours and came home to myself. I can’t thank you enough."

"Last night was my first ever session with you and it was amazing, oh my goodness the strength and power I felt was unbelievable and I had the best night’s sleep!"

"Your passion, your enthusiasm and your energy in bringing us all together is truly beautiful to witness and so very special to be experiencing."

"Very beautiful and very powerful and has given me inner peace and understanding".