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Curious about weaving the power of the moon into your life?  

Get a glimpse of what's included in the Lunar Living membership and create your own ritual with the moon ritual pack.

This pack is a great way for anyone interested in joining the Lunar Living membership and sisterhood to delve a little deeper into what's included.


Working with moon energy helps us to know ourselves like never before. The moon helps us look into our souls.

Month on month, as we journey with the moon, she helps to uncover our greatest fears, doubts and insecurities alongside our most hidden hopes, dreams and desires.

She helps us to see what keeps us small and stuck and scared and also what our passion and purpose and unique individual gifts are – and what we are truly capable of when we claim our full potential and power.


"I have learnt so much and your work continues to inspire me and direct me to where I need to be. Thank you" 

"I'm learning how the moon influences my life and that helps me understand why I feel a certain way. The soul guidance {workbook] really helps me with insight to my thoughts and feelings."

The moon ritual pack includes:


In-depth musings with guidance on what to work and focus on under the current moon.


Questions and journaling prompts to get curious on specific to the current moon.


A powerful guided meditation, created for the current moon and her specific energies.

"Thank you for your full moon ritual pack, it was truly transformational. I did the the meditation while the moon was rising and it truly brought me to another level... I feel whole for the first time. Thank you for your guidance"

Virgo Full Moon

Saturday 24th February

This full moon wants to bring a clearing, cleansing, completion and culmination to all it’s time to leave behind, and to help you to heal and become whole so that you are ready to reclaim all of yourself, remember your souls’ agreements and be ready for these brand new beginnings coming our way. 

Devote and dedicate yourself to not only what you want but also yourself and what you need to be doing now so that you have an inner foundation strong enough to hold what you want and who you want to become.