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Curious about weaving the power of the moon into your life?


Get a glimpse of what's included in the Lunar Living monthly membership and create your own moon ritual with my at-home moon ritual pack.


This pack is a great way for anyone interested in joining the Lunar Living membership and sisterhood to delve a little deeper into what's included.


The moon ritual pack includes:


Kirsty's in-depth moon musings which includes information such as date and time of the next moon, moon aspects, action to take, what to focus on, crystals to use and more. 


 a soul enquiry worksheet (journaling prompts) for the current moon 


a powerful guided meditation track recorded especially for the current moon

Sagittarius New Moon - Wednesday 23rd November


...showing you that there is a time to be and a time to do a guiding force and ancient wisdom and also in yourself allowing them to surface, so that you can become aware of them and what they are showing you you use the phases of the moon to create real change in your life

 ...back to yourself, nature, others and a natural rhythm and cycle

 ...which helps you to stay accountable in making change and following dreams

 ...month on month, the moon helps you to stop looking outside and turn our focus inwards


Working with moon energy helps us to know ourselves like never before. The moon helps us look into our souls.

Month on month, as we journey with the moon, she helps to uncover our greatest fears, doubts and insecurities alongside our most hidden hopes, dreams and desires. She helps us to see what keeps us small and stuck and scared and also what our passion and purpose and unique individual gifts are – and what we are truly capable of when we claim our full potential and power.



"I’ve learned how to recognise, understand, and work with the cycles of the moon, my body’s cycle, the seasons of the natural world and my own creative cycles, while connected to a community of women exploring the same. It feels like a deep, somatic understanding, like I’m physically “getting it” on a new level."

"For me, the new and full moon soul enquiries have made the most impact on my life… it really connects me to my intuition…helping me work out what is important now…the soul guidance lets me know exactly what I need to be doing"

"Some people don’t ‘get it’, it’s great to find a community who do"

Kirsty Gallagher is a moon mentor, soul alignment and transformation coach, yoga teacher and meditation teacher with an infectious passion for life.

She has been sharing the life-changing benefits of yoga and the moon for over 13 years through classes, workshops, private and corporate sessions, and has taught over 80 worldwide retreats.

She is the founder of the online sisterhood Lunar Living, which teaches you how to weave the secret and ancient wisdom of the moon into modern, everyday life.

Kirsty works alongside women helping them live back in alignment with an ancient cycle, a natural rhythm and flow, and she helps them to connect back into their authenticity and purpose. Weaving lunar wisdom with soul guidance readings, astrology and cutting-edge transformational coaching techniques, Kirsty helps women to overcome doubts, fears and self-sabotage to find a deep inner connection and meaning in life.

Kirsty has shared moon magic on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show and This Morning and been featured in YOU Magazine, Stylist, Red Magazine, Women’s Health, Soul and Spirit Magazine and Natural Health Magazine.

Described as down to earth, warm-hearted, compassionate and inspiring, Kirsty is known for bringing ancient mystical practices and wisdom to modern day life in a relatable way that anyone and everyone can take something from.

Kirsty lives in Notting Hill, London. 

"Lunar Living is life. I have been following for over a year now and love every part. The community is super strong, helping us all through the ebbs and flows of the seasons."

"I started with Lunar Living and needed the support to guide me through these big life decisions and boy have I made them! With the guidance of Lunar Living over the past 9 months I took the leap in many ways and decided to follow my heart, closing many chapters - relationships, work and location!"

"Finding Kirsty literally changed my life. I am forever grateful to her and the universe for sending such a wonderful gift to this world."

Sagittarius New Moon - Wednesday 23rd November