Libra New Moon - October 2021

Sep 30, 2021

Wednesday 6th October at 12.05pm BST is the Libra New Moon.

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My Moon Musings…

The last Virgo new moon came to bring the how, the plan and to ground your dreams into reality. Then along came the Pisces full moon to help release, shed and let go of all that no longer serves you. Now leading us into autumnal new beginnings is the Libra new moon.

There is so much Libra energy in the air around this new moon with a stellium (a cluster of three or if the sun and moon are involved four planets in the same sign or house) in Libra.

This line-up includes the sun, moon, Mercury retrograde and Mars all joining together in Libra to help you to really move forwards into autumn.

Not only this moon but the whole of October is going to be filled with powerful planetary shifts, that started on the Autumn Equinox.

This month is going to be a pivotal month that will set us up for 2022 and what you set in motion under this new moon will ripple forwards creating your future.

Libra season calls us back into balance after the summer and begins the process of drawing you inwards, back home to you, your heart, your soul.

Autumn is the season of the soul, and this new moon is here to connect you deeply back to your true essence and from here move into the new beginnings that you have been working towards.

First this Libra new moon calls you back into balance, alignment and harmony within yourself. This new moon is going to ask you where you are out of balance and alignment within yourself, where you are not being true to yourself or giving too much of you away.

It will show you the ways in which you lost yourself over summer, scattered yourself over summer and where you have you got out of relationship with yourself so that you can bring yourself back home.

This is also a wonderful time to review the relationships in your life and whether they are nourishing, nurturing and support who you truly are and the direction you want to go.

Are there any relationships that you have outgrown, any that need to shift focus or direction or any that need your attention?

This new moon opens the autumn season lunar cycle and set the intentions we set now will carry us through autumn and beyond.

The intentions you set at this new moon will be your guiding light through autumn, they will help you to remain true to you and what you are finally ready to create and move forwards with.

What are you finally ready to say yes to this autumn because you have some powerful energies on your side to help make it happen?

So, get clear on what it is that you are finally ready to do, create, have, be and how you’re finally ready to move forwards from this place of deep inner knowing.

Make choices about your future, align with yourself and set intentions for autumn and beyond.



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Monday 4th October, 7-9pm BST




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