Summer Solstice Pack

It’s time to walk through the doorway into the second half of the year.

 The summer solstice (on Tuesday 21st June) is the longest day of the year, the peak of manifestation where you use the light and power of the sun to activate all you want to bring into your life.

The word solstice literally means stopping or standing still, making it the ideal time to be still and check in with where you are at this midpoint of the year. Most of all, as you stand on this threshold, it’s time to truly decide who you want to be and what you want to make of the second half of the year. It’s all up to you.


As the sun reaches its peak this is a huge turning point not just in the wheel of the year, but also your life if you choose it to be. The sun is at its peak, the energies are at their highest, the light is shining brightest, and opportunity is at its greatest; so use this outwards expansive energy of summer to move out there into the light and get what you want.


Take inspiration from nature all around you, everything in full bloom and blossom and growth. Take inspiration from the sun who radiates power and light and life and fearlessly shines.


On this day of full solar power, it’s a day to celebrate you, to celebrate life, to celebrate abundance. It’s a day to use the strength and power of the sun to add light and energy and life to all you wish to be and all you wish to have in your life.


Using the energies of the summer solstice we’ll help you to look back on, celebrate, learn from, and release the first half of 2022. From here, you can step through the doorway into the second half of the year prepared for change and knowing deep in your heart and soul who you want to be and what you want to create in the second half of 2022.


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Important Booking Information

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Please note the ritual is a recording from the live event that was held on Monday 20th June.

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LUNAR LIVING SISTERHOOD MEMBERS - The Summer Solstice event is a Sacred Space (wheel of the year) event and you are welcome to use your June discount code to book the ritual.