Align with the wisdom of nature.

Seasonal yoga, meditation and ritual classes.



Join me to celebrate each equinox, solstice and cross quarter festivals throughout the year. They are a sacred time for us to honour the turning of the seasons, align ourselves with the power of mother nature and take guidance from her wisdom.
As the wheel of the year turns, join me to answer to call of nature, learn from her teachings and ensure you are aligned with your soul's purpose as we move throughout the year.
Sacred Space Events:
Each solstice and equinox will include yoga followed by a guided meditation to work with the energies of the turning season. You will also receive soul guidance worksheets to help you close off each season and step fully into the next.
On each cross quarter festival we’ll take a ritual to check with where you are and realign you if necessary, ensuring that you are on the right path. 
Spring Equinox - 20th March 2022 
Beltane - 1st May 2022
Summer Solstice - Tuesday 21st June 2022
Lammas - 1st August 2022
Autumn Equinox - 23rd September
Samhain - 31st October 2022
Winter Equinox - 21st December 2022
Imbolc - 1st February 2023
"[The] ritual was very beautiful and very powerful and has given me inner peace and understanding" 


"What a fabulous class! Thank you so much!"
"You are actually magic. I had a complete transformation"


"Last nights class was everything I needed and more. Cannot wait to join you again"


"One can feel that you are doing your hearts work and I am thankful to have found you! sum it up: PERFECT."

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