Virgo Full Moon - February 2021

Feb 23, 2021

Saturday 27th February at 8.17am GMT is the Virgo Full Moon

My Moon Musings…

The last Full Moon in Leo helped you to own, reclaim, celebrate and love you. Then came the Aquarius new moon to help you to step out into the world as you, to show yourself to the world and to contribute in the way that only you can. Now here is the Virgo full moon bringing healing, integration and clear steps forwards along your life journey.

February has been a big month with all those planets (stellium) in Aquarius, mercury retrograde and of course that big Saturn and Uranus square.

The Saturn and Uranus square is one of the most important astrological events in 2021, and the moon will be involved in it a lot! It’s like she’s constantly joining these planets as they square off to help guide us as to how to work with and use these big energies.

The meeting of these two planets is asking us to make change and showing us how we need to do things differently going forwards. Uranus, the great awakener who wants freedom and to bring sudden much needed change meets with Saturn, the planet of structure, boundaries and restrictions.

The first thing this square will do is to help collapse any structures that are outdated and in actual fact now restrict you. Anything you have outgrown in your life will be obvious. You will feel this square much more if you are trying to hold on to things from the past, stay in limited, doubt and fear-based ways of thinking and acting and avoiding making change where you know it’s needed. 

If you’ve been getting the niggles of ways in which you need to expand, step up, speak up and show up and you’re not doing this Uranus is likely to push you into it, and it will feel uncomfortable as it happens. The same will apply if you’re staying in situations, jobs, relationships or allowing yourself to be used/treated in ways that are no longer good for your soul.

This full moon is such a powerful opportunity to use the energies of this Saturn Uranus square under the guidance and wisdom of our beautiful moon.

To use these energies now to make change not only in allowing old structures to crumble away but in creating new structures to now support you in the direction in which you want to go and how you want to grow in your life.

This full moon is here to help you to begin to turn your ideas into action, give your dreams a plan and bring your spiritual awareness down into physical reality.

Virgo will help you to take action on what needs to change, first in what needs to be completed, ended and released and then Virgo will help you to look forward and plan, plan, plan how to move forwards in your life and build new structures around what you want to create in your life.


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