Virgo New Moon - 27th August 2022

Aug 22, 2022

The last Leo new moon came to help you to awaken you to more of yourself than ever before. Then came the Aquarius full moon to free you to be you and shine your light into the world. Now to help you to move forward embodying who you’re here to be is the Virgo new moon.

This new moon is going to bring a welcome pause, an opportunity to ground, plant your feet on the earth and catch up with yourself. In what has been a whirlwind energy over the last few months this new moon is like a sanctuary in the storm. 

There is no denying that 2022 has been shaking and shaping us and asking us to step into more of ourselves and our part to play than ever before.

And now this new moon brings a pinnacle moment in our 2022 lunar journey as she helps you with integration, embodiment and finding deep wisdom within your life experiences and journey.

Virgo is associated with harvesting, and this moon is where you begin to gather the harvest of the work you have put in and all you have been going and growing through over the last few moon, months, and years.

As Mercury makes aspects with Mars, who is the only planet making aspects with the moon, we are going to begin to see the big lessons of this new moon come to light – your energy flows where your attention goes. 

You are constantly creating your reality through your thoughts, words, actions, and choices and at this new moon it’s time to get clear on what you are focussing and directing your energy towards.

Your attention is the most valuable currency you have, what are you spending it on? Because the more you spend it on what you don’t want the less you have to spend on what you do.

This new moon wants to give you the foundation that you need to get what you want by helping you to create daily habits and rituals that support you, making sure your actions and choices align with what you want and putting your focus, attention, and energy on creating what you want in life.

You can’t say you want something and to be someone and then do nothing to get it. You must show up each and every day and devote to what you want and who you want to be, and this is how it becomes your reality. 

Time to create your reality one day, habit, ritual, thought, belief, choice, and action at a time - make sure they match what you want. Be entirely devoted to yourself and what you want and watch the magic unfold.

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Wednesday 24th August, 7-9pm (BST) 

Move forward with the Virgo new moon


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