Virgo New Moon - 15th September 2023

Sep 12, 2023

 Friday 15th September at 02.40 BST  is the Virgo new moon

My Moon Musings

The last Leo new moon came to help you to let your unique, individual light shine, and spread your inner sunshine wherever you go. Then came the Pisces full moon to help you to tap into the higher wisdom and potential of your soul, dare to dream and allow yourself to see the bigger picture of what’s possible if you just trust. Now, to help you to put the daily practices in place to move towards those dreams is the Virgo new moon.

I know things may have felt like a lot lately and perhaps even foggy, uncertain, and feeling like things aren’t moving forward or it’s just one thing after another. I keep being asked “when is this going to change/end” and this new moon is going to bring about change, but that change does begin with you and where you are putting your focus.

We started this process with the last Pisces full moon, as we’re asked to come back home to ourselves, our intuition, soul, and spiritual connection and begin to sink into a deeper support and trust our journey.

We will now be asked to do the same as mercury stations direct just hours after this new moon bringing a clarity about the way forwards and what changes you need to be making in your life.

But and there is a but here…this may not show up in the way you expect it to, and this is where we are going to be asked to see and do things differently going forwards. Especially as the moon meets Uranus the answers you are looking for are likely to be in flashes of intuition, downloads, sudden insights, and a deep inner knowing of what you need to do.

We’ve not been taught to trust this way of gaining information and answers, the ‘old world’ wanted logic and spreadsheets and evidence and to disconnect us from the deep truth within. But this is the wisdom we are being called to reclaim once more.

You’ll be shown where you have you been trying to use your logical mind to get the answers. And how you have been holding tight onto an idea you had about the way that things should be, trying to push or force something or looking to the outside world to give you the answers and what you need.

The answers you are seeking are not going to come from there. They are going to come from within you.

Yes, the outside world may feel like too much, so instead of paying too much attention to what is happening out there and giving that authority over your life take care of your inner world and what you can change and control.

The moon in Virgo wants you to put daily rituals in place that help support you at this time and take you closer to the future that you want. The future that you’ll start to live when this changes or that changes, or they change. Stop waiting and start living that future today by devoting yourself to what you want.

What we focus on expands and so make your life a ritual and offering to focussing on you, your inner world and do it daily. What you do daily matters and will prepare you for all that to come for a new collective future destiny is coming. And you’re creating it right now, in what you are devoting yourself to daily. Make your life an offering of what you want.

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