Virgo Full Moon - 7th March 2023

Mar 03, 2023

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Tuesday 7th March at 12.40 GMT is the Virgo full moon 

My Moon Musings… 

The Leo full moon came to help you to shine your light into the world. Then came the Pisces new moon to help you to move forward into the more the Leo full moon showed you that you were ready for. Now for cleansing, completion, and culmination before we move into spring and a new astrological year is the Virgo full moon.

With the Pisces sun shining light this full moon, and so much active Pisces energy this full moon is going to be a continuation and culmination of the Pisces new moon.

It will bring many of the same themes back up, but now illuminated by the full moon so that you can begin to see what you need to see.

March is set to be a HUGE month astrologically and energetically. It’s the month that this year finally gets going and moving and this full moon is here to ground and prepare you for all that’s to come.

Especially of you’ve been overthinking or struggling with life to the point of exhaustion or staying in that soul destroying place of indecision this full moon comes along to help you to make choices about your future.

The first choice you’re going to be asked to make is to care for yourself and honour what you need over this full moon – whether that’s rest, release or revolutionary change. Listen to your body, mind, and heart and what it is that you really need and give yourself that.

This full moon is a final big release point before we move not only into the spring equinox and beginning of a new astrological year, but also the two huge planetary shifts that are going to shape our world and our future - one of which is happening an hour after this full moon.

If you truly want new beginnings there must be some endings so under the light of this full moon look at your entire life down to the details – your job, home, relationships, beliefs, habits, routines, and your habitual ways of thinking, feeling, behaving, and believing - and be honest about what no longer resonates and is no longer in alignment with what you want.

Use this moon to release what is not coming with you, and to create a solid foundation in yourself – this full moon is the preparation point for all that’s coming. 

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