Taurus New Moon

May 06, 2021

Tuesday 11th May at 20.00 BST is the Taurus New Moon

My Moon Musings…

The last new moon in Aries asked you to start a new chapter, move into fresh new beginnings and create the direction of your life for the next year. Then along came the Scorpio Full Moon giving you the opportunity to take a moment to pause, go inward and asses your life allowing space for necessary inner transformation. Now here comes this grounding, earthy moon to help you to lay the foundations for the direction you wish to go.

Even though this new moon is not an eclipse it opens up eclipse season. All new moons initiate the following lunar cycle, and this cycle will include the Sagittarius full moon lunar eclipse and takes us all the way through to the Gemini new moon solar eclipse when the next cycle begins. These eclipses are going to bring huge amounts of change, and this new moon is the preparation we need for the change ahead.

Let’s first take a moment to talk about the dark moon time in the run up to this new moon, as you may find it exhausting and find yourself lethargic and as though you have no energy for anything. You will feel this even more strongly if you hide behind ‘busyness’ and use it as an excuse not to delve deeper, to really listen to what is going on or as an avoidance tactic for why you ‘can’t’ focus on your dreams and inner desires.

Please listen to this as this is the moons way of forcing you into taking it easy, so that you can listen to the voice of your intuition and really go inwards. This new moon is going to call you to retreat, to reflect, to slow down, to get still and quiet and listen and to seek the answers within. It is under this new moon that foundations are laid, and you pave the way for change and new beginnings, and these foundations begin within you. It is vital under this moon that you find this deep inner connection to yourself.

Under the Aries new moon we were asked to open up a new chapter of our lives, what we wanted this ‘new world’ to look like and what we wanted for the year ahead. Since then, and especially since the Scorpio full moon I know many of you have joined me in feeling like you are in a sacred pause, in between worlds, knowing that something is coming but you’re not sure what or how. This is all going to become clear with the Taurus new moon. It’s going to be as though things suddenly click into place – if you get still and quiet enough to listen.

Use this moon to get rooted in what matters to you, who you are and what you desire, and then trust. Something is coming, you know it deep within you. An energy is rising, an alchemy is happening, life change is on the horizon.

We weren’t ready before, but we are now. Lay the foundations for your best life, it’s all out there waiting for you…


Sunday 9th May 7-9pm BST



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