Taurus New Moon - 19th May 2023

May 15, 2023

Friday 19th May at 16.53 BST  is the Taurus new moon

My Moon Musings

The last Aries new moon solar eclipse came to take us into eclipse season and open up a pathway to a whole new world. Then came the Scorpio full moon lunar eclipse to help you to release all that stands in the way of the life you want. Now to anchor what we want into reality and look to the future we want to build is the Taurus new moon.

After the intensity of eclipse season this new moon is going to feel like a warm hug, a deep breath, a moment to ground your feet on the earth.  

This new moon holds so much power and potential and is an important moment in the unfolding of your life journey and future, but the first gift this new moon is going to give you is the gift of a moment of pause to catch your breath.

I know that especially after the intense eclipse energy of the past few weeks there may be a sense of needing to push forward, rush forward and that you need to do it all now or you’ll miss your moment and run out of time.

You may be feeling frustrations, anxiety and even heightened levels of comparison, looking at everyone else seemingly doing wonderful things in the world while you’re stuck unsure of why, what, when and how.

Take a deep breath. This moon is going to bring you everything you need and so much more, but first she needs you rested, nourished and in the present moment, as it’s only from here that you can make any long term, lasting changes.

Taurus energy teaches us about being present, to take joy from the simple pleasures in life and to not rush our lives away. Where are you missing the present moment by always being so focussed on chasing what you want next?

That’s not to say don’t set intentions and have dreams and desires, and work towards what you want, that’s going to be an extremely important part of this new moon.

But rather can you enjoy the moment that you are having now while you are creating and growing what you want, rather than always missing and wishing your life away.

This new moon is a powerhouse of energy, potential, magic, and manifestation, but you need to be anchored and activated in the now to be able to receive it.

This new moon is here to help you to know your worth and be in the feminine energy of receiving and making yourself a vibrational match to what you want, then allowing it to flow to you, rather than always having to struggle and fight with life.  

This new moon is where you begin to anchor in and ground all that you want and make it a reality.

And it begins with a seed, a seed of your intention.

This moon wants you to plant your seeds and then trust and open yourself to receive, knowing that everything meant for you is coming in perfect time.

Make yourself a magnet to all that you desire by slowing down, embracing the simple joys and pleasures in life, and embodying the energy of all that it is that you want.

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