Taurus Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse) - 28th October 2023

Oct 24, 2023

Saturday 28th October at 21.24 BST is the Taurus Full Moon Lunar eclipse

My Moon Musings… 

Here we are, at some kind of ending, completion, closure with our final eclipse of the year, the Taurus full moon lunar eclipse. This eclipse is closing off a bigger cycle of eclipses that started in January 2022 when the lunar nodes entered Taurus/Scorpio.

You may also want to cast your mind back to the last times we had lunar eclipses in Taurus, which were November 2021 and 2022 to see if any similar themes, energies, or cycles are coming up to be closed and completed.

First, as with any full moon emotions can be heightened as everything we have been hiding, supressing, ignoring, or denying is brought to the surface. This will be especially potent as this is a lunar eclipse, which is really shining a light on what we need to know, see, hear and be aware of.

Eclipses are portals of transformation and as such your soul uses these check in point to show you where you have strayed and got out of balance and alignment with your journey. Eclipses always tend to bring sudden changes, opportunities and (depending on how far you’ve gone off your path) wake ups and shake ups.

The new moon solar eclipse showed you what you are ready to leave behind and at this full moon lunar eclipse there will be that deep sense of knowing what you are done with, what drags you down, dims your light and keeps you stuck in your comfort zone. You will just know.

Anything not part of your path needs to be let go of now or you will keep straying off your path and feeling empty, purposeless, and incomplete in the same ways.

The Taurus/Scorpio cycle that we have just been through has been helping us to focus on our self-worth, coming back to nature, seasons, cycles, getting grounded, finding more simplicity in life, and inviting in more of the feminine and intuition.

As this cycle closes out we get to reflect on these areas of life, lessons learned and how we have transformed, and make relevant changes to do things differently moving forwards. 

It’s at this full moon now that you decide on where in your life you are finally ready for more and to begin to step into more of who you know you can be. Part of this is knowing what has kept you out of alignment with this and using these lunar eclipse energies to let that go.

And then really finding stable inner foundations of knowing your worth and that you deserve what you want and trusting and believing in yourself that will help you to be able to actualise it in your life. 

Go slowly at this full moon, don’t rush. Tend to yourself, your inner world, and your dreams. Keep your energy clear, simplify your life and find an inner expansion and root into that. 

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