Scorpio Full Moon - April 2021

Apr 23, 2021

Tuesday 27th April 2021 at 04.21 BST is the Scorpio full super moon

The last Full Moon in Libra gave us a moment of pause to gain our balance and a real opportunity to find self-understanding, love and worth. Then came the Aries new moon, which asked you to start a new chapter, move into fresh new beginnings and create the direction of your life for the next year. Now here is the Scorpio full moon to illuminate the skies and your life to create necessary inner transformation. 

Here she comes. You may have felt this full moon building for days and wild is one of the ways that I am going to use to describe it!

This Scorpio full moon is here to illuminate the shadows and anything that you have been hiding from, ignoring, not dealing with or sweeping under the carpet over the last year.

There can be no hiding anything under a Scorpio full moon.

Anything that is not working in your life will be obvious and your emotions will be like tidal waves leading you towards what needs to be uncovered and seen. As always please pay close, close attention to what you are feeling the most emotional, frustrated or anxious about in your life as these are the areas that need some shift, change or transformation. 

Scorpio is often mistaken for a fire sign but it’s actually a water sign and takes you as deep into the emotional depths as you can go.

This is a full moon that brings a huge opportunity for healing, transformation and self-awareness.

What you may find quite strongly over this full moon is that you know that you are ready to make changes in certain areas of your life, but you don’t know what or how. “I don’t know what to do” may have become somewhat of a mantra and things may feel a bit confusing and uncertain.

As much as there is going to be a sense of wanting to make some changes or this full moon is a cosmic pause. You are being asked to really work through what you are currently feeling, experiencing and going through. You are being asked to trust in yourself.

Under this full moon it’s time to go under the surface, to go within before you share too much of yourself out into the world. This is a time to reflect, slow down and go inward to build firm roots and foundations first and foremost in yourself before the world out there pulls you back into the fast lane of life and we become indoctrinated in the world of “busy” once more.


Transform Your Shadows with the Scorpio Full Moon

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