Scorpio New Moon - October 2022

Oct 21, 2022

Tuesday 25th October at 11.49am BST is the Scorpio new moon solar eclipse

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The last Libra new moon came to help you to recalibrate and find balance for the longer term. Then came the Aries full moon to help us with deep healing in preparation for eclipse season. Now to help you to begin to step out of your comfort zone and reclaim your power and worth is the Scorpio new moon solar eclipse.

Here we go, it’s eclipse season. As always with eclipses, especially with such strong Scorpio energy you’re going to hear the words intense and transformational a lot around these eclipses.

And although this is going to be very true, I also want to say that they are going to be magical and life changing, if you’re willing to take the wild ride that this eclipse journey is going to take you on.

Eclipses work with the lunar nodes, also known as the nodes of destiny or the nodes of fate, which are to do with our karma, life lessons and what feels safe to us; our comfort zones (south node) and expansion and stepping out of comfort zones to live our purpose and become who we are here to be (north node).

That’s why eclipses often bring huge and sudden endings, changes, insights, and revelations – they are like the universes way of trying to nudge you back along your soul’s life path and into the direction you are supposed to be going, back towards your true north.

Eclipses are powerful catalysts bringing with them inevitable & powerful changes that help to take you in the direction of your souls journey this lifetime.

A solar eclipse can only happen on a new moon, and it’s when the moon passes between the earth and the sun, blocking out the light of the sun.

As this would suggest a solar eclipse can bring with it a sense of darkness and coming face to face with your shadows. It will bring to the surface the parts of yourself that you try to hide or run from. The emotions you prefer not to face or deal with, the secret yearnings you carry, the hurts, wounds, fears, and rejection that you haven’t yet processed and healed.

The new moon is happening on the south node, which feels a bit contradictory as solar eclipses are an amplified new moons bringing powerful new beginnings, but we’re working with the south node, which is all about what needs to be released and let go of.

Under this new moon you’ll be shown what needs to die away so that you can be reborn, what has been subconsciously preventing true new beginnings in your life and what you are now ready to see, transform and clear out that you are no longer taking forward.

Anywhere you have been repressing yourself, your magic, your voice or your true wants, needs and desires is going to rise to the surface so that you can see it, feel it, heal it and in doing so own your true power and worth.

You’ll be able to see in the darkness of this moon what no longer feels right, what isn’t your truth, and what you don’t want anymore, what is no longer in alignment with the path your soul wants to walk. You’ll know where you’ve had enough.

And this new moon will provide the starting point of leaving all of that behind and stepping out of your comfort zone towards something new, but it will mean leaving your comfort zone behind.

Remain anchored in who you are, source your power and freedom from within and keep your eyes, heart and intention focussed on where you want to go and what you are creating. 

As each one of us now does the work to raise our own vibration, know our value, worth, truth, power, and magic, and set our desires, dreams and what is awakening within us free we create a new world.

A new world where we aren’t held down by old paradigms, beliefs, fears, and shadows, but instead like the Phoenix from the flames we rise.

We rise in our power, intuition, desires, worth, value and evolution to do what we came here to do. Leaving the old and the comfort zone starts here…

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Monday 24th October, 7-9pm (BST)

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