Scorpio Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse) - 5th May 2023

May 01, 2023

Friday 5th May at 18.34 BST is the Scorpio full moon lunar eclipse 

My Moon Musings… 

The last Libra full moon came to bring balance in these current times we are navigating and prepare us for eclipse season. Then came the Aries new moon solar eclipse to take us into eclipse season and open up a pathway to a whole new world. Now to help you to release all that stands in the way of the life you want is the Scorpio full moon lunar eclipse.

This point in time, this eclipse is a huge shifting point, a turning point, a pivotal moment where you have the choice to make lasting changes in your life that will alter the course of everything. 

This is almost like a sliding doors moment in your life and souls’ evolution where you get to make a choice to stay where you are, doing what you’re doing, and always stay sitting, waiting, wishing, looking for that signier sign.

Or you take, admittedly scary, uncomfortable, conscious control over your own life and begin to become an activate participant in the unfolding of your life, like the new moon solar eclipse wanted you to.

This time around, as we work with lunar eclipse energies with the south node, you are going to need to face the truth about what isn’t working in your life and where you are holding yourself back from following the path your soul chose for you. And this realisation is going to be uncomfortable, emotional, and possibly hard to face.

You’ll be able to see where you let unconscious fears run your life, you hold deep rooted belief systems that don’t allow you into your full growth and potential and where you are staying, settling, hiding, and accepting less than you deserve and are capable of in so many areas of your life.

Alongside that you may also have deep realisations about how much self-betrayal, self-abandon, and self-sabotage you have put yourself through trying to hide from the truth and fit and mould yourself to the comfort zone you were trying to stay in – and this can be an emotional realisation.

At the Aries new moon, I told you it was a choice point – to stay, or to grow. This full moon now takes you into the growth, which oftentimes feels uncomfortable and begins with what you need to let go of to grow.

I know that leaving the familiarity of your comfort zone for something unknown is scary and vulnerable and deeply uncomfortable. But just as snakes shed their skin and tress lose their leaves and a seed must break through its outer shell there always needs to be a shedding of something old for something new to grow in its place.

This moon is an invite to shed parts of yourself and your life – beliefs, situations, relationships, jobs, people, identities – that are preventing you from growing.

In claiming the truth about what isn’t working in your life you also get to claim the truth about what you do want and who you are becoming – and in doing so you become the authority of your own life. 

The word authority comes from the Latin auctor, which means master, leader, author, and so become that for yourself and your life.

As you are brave and courageous enough to trust yourself and leave the comfort zones you have outgrown you will open up a whole new world for yourself, a world that has been waiting for you.

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