Sagittarius Full Moon - 4th June 2023

May 31, 2023

Sunday 4th June at 04.42 BST is the Sagittarius Full Moon

My Moon Musings… 

The last Scorpio full moon lunar eclipse came to help you to release all that stands in the way of the life you want. Then, to anchor what we want into reality and look to the future we want to build was the Taurus new moon. Now to help you to remember who you are and take aim towards the life you want is the Sagittarius full moon.

The first full moon after the eclipses, this full moon is going to shine a big, bright full moon light on the way forwards into life after the eclipses.

The first thing I want to make clear is that this is a truth-seeking moon, which is going to really shine a light on certain things in your life.

Anywhere you’re not living in your truth, anywhere you’re not in integrity in your life and anywhere that you’ve avoided seeing what the eclipses wanted you to see will be illuminated – you’re not going to be able to hide anything at this full moon.

So as always with lunar work, and especially with the moon in freedom seeking Sagittarius pay close attention around this full moon to where you feel bound, restricted, stuck and not free to be you in your life, this is showing you where you are out of alignment and holding yourself back.

You may feel restless, frustrated and emotions could bubble to the surface around life areas in which you’re not trusting yourself to make a move and follow what you truly want or where you are keeping yourself from your full potential by diluting yourself to be able to stay in certain situations or relationships. 

I know sometimes the way forward is not obvious, clear, or easy, but this full moon wants to help you to see things from a new perspective, a higher perspective, your soul’s perspective and to begin to trust the journey and process of your life path.

And this may mean finally accepting and admitting that some things are not meant to keep travelling forwards with you. The eclipses showed you this, they started the clearing out process and showing you what you have outgrown. 

Then we planted the seeds of your intentions at the Taurus new moon. And now this full moon is taking out the weeds that will prevent your seeds from flourishing and growing. 

Under this full moon there will be a fire lit within you to follow wanderlust, freedom seeking Sagittarius out of your comfort zone into a new life adventure. And when you do, you’ll find solutions to problems, clarity around things you’ve been struggling with and belief where there once was doubt.

But you’ve got to get out there into the world to find these things, you’ll never find them in your comfort zone. You’ll never know how capable you are until you put yourself to the test. You must make a move, take a step out of what’s comfortable, make brave new choices and keep your aim on what you want, allowing that to guide the way through the fear that wants to side track you.

Remember who you are, face your fears and take aim towards the life that you want, trusting that you are being guided. Even in the moments that you feel like you’re not, you are always being guided.

Follow that guidance into a brave new adventure…

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