Pisces New Moon - 20th February 2023

Feb 15, 2023

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Monday 20th February at 07.06 GMT is the Pisces new moon

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The last Aquarius new moon came to help you to begin this year free to be you and follow where you’re being called to go. Then came the Leo full moon to help you to shine your light into the world. Now to help you to move forward into the more the Leo full moon showed you that you are ready for is the Pisces new moon.

Opening the final full lunar cycle before we move into a new annual cycle is the Pisces new moon.

Being the final sign of the zodiac Pisces always brings a sense of creating endings for new beginnings, and the new beginnings you are ready for will be especially clear at this new moon. 

What I want to say at the very beginning of these musings is that Pisces is the most sensitive water sign and with the moon in Pisces we can often feel swept away by tidal waves of emotion and taken into our most vulnerable places.


If you’re feeling this, please, please pay attention to it and be with what you are experiencing as it is giving you valuable insight into what you are ready to end and begin with this new moon, and the new season/annual cycle coming up.

It’s only from this place of being aligned with your own energy and listening to and taking care of yourself that you can be in a place to listen to what this new moon wants to tell you and make the realisations that need to be made around what you’re ready to let go of/begin.

You may need to let go of something but trust me when I say it’s opening the way for what’s coming next and opening up new possibilities and a whole new beginning for you. 

Because new beginnings are coming, we can see that from two big planetary shifts happening in March alone, and you are part of that, and this new moon wants to show you how. 

As Saturn makes an out of sign conjunction with this Pisces new moon not only are we getting a flavour for what’s to come when Saturn moves signs, but Saturn is also bringing the foundations and structures to what we want to build and create in our lives.

This new moon is a powerful point of manifestation for what you want to create in your life in the new astrological year and beyond. 

Trust what is calling you, trust what you know, and let the universe know what you want, and what you’re ready to create and manifest in your life.

Focus on what you want at this new moon, get clear on your intentions, as they are laying the foundations for the year ahead. The is a potent point of new beginnings.

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