Pisces Full Moon - September 2022

Sep 06, 2022

The last Aquarius full moon came to free you to be you and shine your light into the world. Then came the Virgo New Moon to help you to move forward embodying who you’re here to be. Now to help you to realise and let go of anything that stands in the way of that is the Pisces full moon.

Each full moon comes along to illuminate our journey since the new moon; what we achieved, what we made happen and how we allowed ourselves to grow and shine like the moon. And equally where we held ourselves back, got in our own way, doubted ourselves, abandoned ourselves, got scared, and let other opinions and expectations derail us.

And you’ll feel this more than ever at this full moon as it’s the final sign of the zodiac, which brings endings to create new beginnings and mercury goes retrograde on the day of this full moon.

Mercury retrograde is going to bring a big helping hand in this full moon. You may find yourself visiting the past to tie up loose ends and complete unfinished business and realise where you gave yourself away and didn’t value your worth.

And this is to help you to be able to be in the most important relationship you will ever have – the one you have with yourself.

You cannot ever be in true relationship with others until you are in true relationship with yourself. All of you.

Until you love yourself, you’ll never truly be able to let anyone else love you. Until you value yourself, you’ll allow others to undervalue you. Until you know yourself, you’ll always feel like others don’t know or misunderstand you. Until you honour yourself and your worth, you’ll always accept less 

This full moon also wants you to deepen your relationship and connection with the infinite part of you, your soul and with the expansive universe that is there to support you. Your life would change in an instant if you truly trusted that you were always being guided and supported by something greater.

To help you to go inward and forge this connection you may feel a real need to take time out at this full moon. You may feel physically, mentally even spiritually exhausted and this is a call for you to withdraw from the world.

This full moon is shining a bright illuminating light to guide you inward towards your higher self, your purpose, your soul. It’s a full moon that wants to connect you to your deep intuition, wisdom, and inner knowing.

This is not a full moon for doing, it’s a moon for being, receiving, surrendering, and going beyond the physical and ‘real world’ into the spiritual and the world that we are in the process of creating right now.

Under this full moon prepare for realisations and deep inner knowing’s of what you are done with in your life, what you are no longer willing to do or accept, what is not working or making you feel good. You may suddenly be able to see things clearly and that all is not what it seems, or all that you have made it out to be.

Don’t get caught up in the outside world and instead retreat into your inner world and reconnect to the infinite expansive version of you. Get quiet and listen to the nudges and whispers of your intuition. Don’t think, feel. Don’t struggle, surrender.

And in your quiet inner space open yourself up to receiving the answers, wisdom, and guidance and the knowing of what you need to leave behind to be able to move forwards.

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Thursday 8th September, 7-9pm (BST) - Free to be you with the Pisces full moon


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