Libra New Moon - September 2022

Sep 21, 2022

Sunday 25th September at 22.55 BST is the Libra New Moon 

My Moon Musings…

The last Virgo new moon came to help you move forward and embody who you’re here to be. Then came the Pisces full moon to help you to realise and let go of anything that stands in the way of that. Now to help you to recalibrate and find balance for the longer term is this Libra new moon. 

Coming just days after the autumn equinox, this new moon is going to offer us a powerful transition point as we move into autumn and the powerful eclipse season that lies ahead.  

The autumn equinox, Libra new moon and current Mercury retrograde are all putting a big focus on relationships - the one you have with others, yourself, and the Universe.  

You may have already been experiencing this with Mercury retrograde, finding yourself revisiting the past, especially back to times that you forgot your value, forgot your worth and forgot yourself. You’ll also be asked to look at where you self-abandon, people-please, shrink, dim, and give up on your needs to be in relationship. 

These realisations are going to help you to get clear on what hasn’t been working and why, what the lessons have been, where you need to pull your energy back and how you want to do things differently moving forwards. 

Under this moon, it’s time to go inward to process and make the realisation and changes on the inside before you can see them on the outside. 

You can’t wait for the world or other people to change before you can be happy, or your relationships can be right, or you can do x, y or z. You can only work on changing the part of you that allows it or is triggered or bothered by certain behaviours or actions. 

Use this moon to do the inner work and deepen that most important relationship you’ll ever have - the one you have with yourself. 

Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every single other relationship in your life. We started this work with the Pisces full moon when she called you to come back into relationship with yourself and gave you a glimpse into where you’re not free to be all of yourself.  

This new moon wants you to find a balance and harmony in your life that comes from being able to be you. When you anchor into the truth of who you are, what goes on in the world around you will have less effect. You’ll be able to trust yourself to face whatever comes, be there for yourself when you need to be and choose yourself - even if no-one else seems to be. This is when life really takes on more magic and meaning. 

When you choose yourself, and I mean truly choose yourself, your whole life will change. You won’t accept less than what you deserve, you won’t rely on others as much for approval, validation, and permission. You will hold your centre of power and not be able to be as easily swayed, others’ opinions of you will be just that - their opinions - and you will no longer want to lose, abandon or scatter yourself in order to feel accepted and like you belong. 

You’ll belong, just by being you. 

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Thursday 22nd September, 7-9pm (BST) 

Free to be you with the Libra new moon 


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