Libra Full Moon - 6th April 2023

Mar 30, 2023

Thursday 6th April at 05.43 BST is the Libra Full Moon

My Moon Musings… 

The last Virgo full moon brought cleansing, completion, and culmination before we moved into spring and a new astrological year. Then to lead us into true new beginnings was the first of two Aries new moons. Now to bring balance in these current times we are navigating and prepare us for eclipse season is the Libra full moon.

We’re deep in these big transitionary transformational energies now. I know it may feel like a lot, but it’s bound to - no one on earth has ever experienced these energies or these times before.

Anxieties, uncertainties, confusion, fears, seem to be constant companions for many people, but this full moon is here to bring a gentle energy and a calming anchor in the energetic storm.

The last Aries new moon was a powerful point of initiation and asked you to be a trailblazer, a way shower and to boldly step forwards into the unknown and begin to create your future. 

In a few weeks’ time we get a second Aries new moon, which will also be a solar eclipse, and will help to shift you into the next stage of your soul journey, activating parts of you and opening new ways forwards.

Everything happening now, especially under this Libra full moon is helping to prepare you for this so that you’re fully ready for the eclipse journey.

You may feel a big need for drastic changes, a life overhaul, to move country, job or just break out of being an old version of you that’s been expected for so long. It’ll be like wanting to completely spring clean your entire life.

This is an insight into what the eclipses are going to ask of you and to make sure you’re ready is this Libra full moon, which is going to give us all a moment to pause, breathe, catch up with ourselves and most of all find balance.

Because honestly, it’s only from a place of being balanced, grounded, anchored into, and knowing and trusting yourself that you’ll ever be able to move into the magic, miracles, and new beginnings that eclipses have waiting for you.

And so first this full moon is going to illuminate where you are out of balance in your life, and what you allow to constantly knock you off your centre.

Is it the opinions of others that always seem to have you spiralling? Not believing and trusting in yourself that has you in a tailspin? Relationships that always seem to make you a version of you that you don’t recognise or want to be?

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