Leo New Moon - 16th August 2023

Aug 12, 2023

The last Cancer new moon came to lead us forwards towards the life that we want to create. Then to help us to step into our fullest most expanded and authentic selves and play our part in where the world goes next was the Aquarius full moon.  Now to help you to shine your unique light out into the world is the Leo new moon.  

This is a dynamic moon filled with a lot of energy, a lot of heart and a lot of (possibly tough) love.

The last Aquarius full moon asked you to free yourself to be more you, and now the ruler of that moon, Uranus, works with this Leo new moon to help you to shine your unique, individual light.  

Uranus is known as the great awakener and brings necessary change to help free and liberate you…but…it can often do this through creating chaos, as it’s often the only way that we pay attention

So, especially in the dark moon feel into where in your life you feel like things are being shaken up and revealed.

You’ll be asked to look at what keeps you from shining, whether that’s your limiting beliefs or those of others, fears that you can’t do it or don’t know how, things that have happened to you in the past, worries of judgement or being cast out of your familiar circles or that others wouldn’t understand or accept you.

All of this is all so that you can begin to free yourself to shine as all of you and follow what you came here to do, because there is a destiny signature once again at this moon as she makes aspects with the lunar nodes calling us forward towards our soul’s growth and the path of the future collective destiny.   

This Leo new moon wants you to become the leader of your own life, take charge of your direction and destiny and give yourself permission to truly shine, and in doing so give everyone else around you permission to do the same.

So, begin to set more of you free – be brave, be bold, be different, even if that means going against the norm or what others have expected of you for so long – be you.

Drop into your heart over this new moon. Listen to what your heart wants to tell you, feel the dreams and desires that are stirring within you wanting to be brought to life through you. 

All this moon truly wants is for you to shine, and to spread your inner sunshine wherever you go.

Time to shine my loves, and light up the world.

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