Leo Full Moon - February 2022

Feb 10, 2022

Wednesday 16th February at 16.56 GMT is the Leo Full Moon

My Moon Musings… 

The last Cancer full moon brought you home to you home for 2022. Then came the Aquarius new moon which asked you to commit to putting your life story into action and moving forwards towards your true north. Now here is the Leo full moon asking you to open your heart and move towards your purpose and destiny.

This moon is going to be a powerful, powerful full moon that is here to illuminate your destiny and purpose and move you forwards to where you are meant to go. It is the culmination point of the Aquarius new moon and takes us deeper into the transformation portal this this lunar cycle is offering us.

This full moon is here now to illuminate the way forward and show you how you are being called forward to shine your own unique light into the world. This moon is bringing you the courage to be yourself and to finally begin to truly follow the call of your heart and soul. 

The sun is Leo’s ruling planet, and it is the light of the sun in Aquarius shining on the surface of the moon that will illuminate this Leo full moon and all that she wants to show us. Leo moons can always feel intense, with the ruler of the moon being the one illuminating the moon, but this one will feel especially intense as it calls us to take a risk and go where we have never been before.

Especially as we have a rare fixed grand cross or grand square at this full moon with the sun, the moon and the lunar nodes, the nodes of destiny. This is a moon that is calling us to step up and follow our destiny. 

You are being asked to let go of your comfort zone, let go of where you stay safe and small, let go of old emotions that trigger responses, let go of the sabotages, let go of the noise in your head that always makes you choose what is old and familiar and “safe” so that you can begin to grow, evolve and transform into who you came here to be.

The Leo full moon wants you to be completely and utterly your most authentic self – to feel liberated and fearlessly share your one-off self out into the world. To know that within you are unique gifts to the universe that radiate from your heart only. Beneath all the layers and labels, who are you really, and what do you desire, deep down in your heart? 

It’s time under this full moon to face your fears and shine the light that you are here to shine in this world.

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