Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse - June 2021

Jun 05, 2021

Thursday 10th June at 11.52 BST is the Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse

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The last new moon in Taurus asked you to lay inner foundations, get rooted in what matters to you, who you are and what you desire, and then trust. Then along came the Sagittarius Full Moon lunar eclipse to release anything not in alignment with your greatest expansion and truth and create the space for something new to come in.

Now here comes the Gemini new moon solar eclipse to show you what this space has been created for and to bring the insight, information, knowledge and connections you need to know your way forwards.

Phew, what a wild ride this eclipse gateway has been! Things now come to a culmination as this solar eclipse opens up the pathway for new beginnings into the second half of the year.

A solar eclipse happens on a new moon when the moon comes between the earth and the sun blocking out the suns light. As this would suggest an eclipse can bring with it a sense of darkness and coming face to face with your shadows, and you may feel this strongly in the dark moon phase running up to this eclipse.

Pay close, close attention to what you are feeling emotional, irrational, sad, and fearful about or where you are ruminating over the past, as this is showing you what needs a final closure or release.

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Get still during the run up to the eclipse and spend some time alone in the “darkness” - allow it to reveal answers to you and then use these insights to move forwards.

And revealing answers are a huge part of what this new moon is about. The moon being new in the communicative change maker sign of Gemini is going to bring us all the inspiration, information, knowledge, know how, connections and guidance you need on how to be able to now move forwards with your life.

This moon will give you all that you need to start over, start anew, and make a change. This moon will show you how you stay in your comfort zone and all that is possible for you if you break free and expand.

Once we reach the summer solstice we are going to be asked to consciously step through the doorway into something purposeful and expansive, something new.

As we move into the second half of the year it’s time to shine.



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