Gemini Full Moon - December 2021

Dec 14, 2021

Sunday 19th December at 04.35am GMT is the Gemini Full Moon

My Moon Musings… 

The last Taurus full moon lunar eclipse came to help you to release anything in the way of your soul’s evolution and growth and following your true north into 2022. Then came the Sagittarius new moon solar eclipse to help you to close off a chapter and shift you back onto your path of destiny for 2022 and beyond. Now to illuminate the year gone by and our way forward is the Gemini full moon.

Here comes the last moon of 2021 and it’s quite an impact she is making.

Pay close attention to what is coming up for you over the days running up to this final full moon of the year.

Gemini loves change and this moon is here to help you to see where you have been avoiding seeing the truth and therefore not making much-needed transformation in your life. It could be an anxious and emotional run up to this full moon as she tries to get your attention, and show you this, so listen.

This moon is a turning point and gives you the opportunity to get very clear on what you have avoided releasing before, what you have healed, how you have changed and what you’re truly ready to let go of and leave behind in 2021.

The moon in Gemini takes us up into our heads and there can be a lot of confusion, questioning, anxiety and heightened emotion around a Gemini moon. 

As much as everything around you can feel like its moving at 100mph at a Gemini moon it’s important at this moon to slow down and take time to process all the information coming to you. To feel into what’s true for you.

One of the best ways to do this is to keep dropping out of your head and into the wisdom in your body.

Instead of trying to 'think' your way through this moon, the decisions you need to make about your life going forwards and what you are ready to leave behind, 'feel' your way through this moon. 

The moon in Gemini will help you to seek a deeper meaning in your life and show you what is possible for you for the year ahead. It will bring the download of inspiration, insight, information, and ideas that you need to move forwards, but you need to be able to filter this out amidst the noise.

This moon is a turning point, it’s a reset and it’s time to create a new narrative and tell a new story. It’s the turning of a page and the start of new chapter, but only if you choose to leave behind the old as you simply cannot get to the future while your past is still present. 

This moon is giving you the chance to leave it all behind, to leave 2020 in 2020 and 2021 in 2021 and to look towards something new for you and your life in 2022.

Use this final full moon of the year to leave behind all that you are no longer taking with you. It’s time for new story of your life. It’s time for an ending to create a new beginning…

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