Capricorn New Moon - December 2022

Dec 19, 2022

Friday 23rd December 2022 at 10.17 GMT is the Capricorn new moon

My Moon Musings

The last Sagittarius new moon came to take us into the new beginnings we have been waiting for. Then came the Gemini full moon to help you to make choices that will take you towards where you’re meant to be going. Now to lay the foundations for all of this is the Capricorn new moon.  

To help us to close off this traditional year and lay the foundations for the next is the Capricorn new moon.

Coming just days after the winter solstice this is a powerful energy of initiation, new beginnings and starting something new that will be for the long term and open you up to future possibilities.

As the moon wanes through her final waning cycle of 2022 into the dark moon you may feel a sense of also withdrawing inwards and possibly a sense of emptiness and being in the void.

I know many of us are crawling on our hands and knees to the end of the year and you may feel weary, depleted, exhausted, especially over the days of the dark moon as the moon calls you to listen within.

The winter solstice is an incredible energy of new beginnings and the light finally beginning to return, after what may have felt like a few years of things not quite working or not quite coming together or you not being quite ready.

As both the sun and Jupiter shift into 0 degrees of cardinal signs this is an initiation, a new beginning, a new chapter, a new story, a new world…

…and the Capricorn new moon is going to help you to lay the foundations for all of this.


Anything that isn’t true for your future will be obvious at this dark/new moon and you’ll find you have no energy for anyone or anything that isn’t here for the long haul or taking you towards where you want to go.

With this earthy, practical, problem solving, committed Capricorn energy we are grounding in the energy of what we want to create. This is like planting the roots of our dreams and desires deep into the earth so that they have the foundation they need to flourish and grow.

This moon is one of longer-term dreams, not quick fixes, so focus on what you truly want for the long term – this is all about putting in the foundations and structures.

 Become the architect of your life under this new moon, and lay the foundations for 2023 and beyond…

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