Capricorn Full Moon - July 2022

Jul 08, 2022

Wednesday 13th July at 19.38 BST is the Capricorn full moon

My moon musings

The last Sagittarius super full moon came to help you to have faith in yourself, your intuition, your life journey and where it is taking you. Then came the new moon in her home sign of cancer to help you to begin to live from your intuition and a place of real self-trust and knowing. Now to bring choices and change is this powerful super full moon.

Powerful is going to be the word I’m giving you for this super full moon. In every sense of the word.

This moon is bringing big change, you’ve maybe been sensing its necessary, needed or coming for a while, perhaps even the last few years, but this moon is going to bring the reality check that you need to finally make the change and step onto a new path and into a deeper sense of yourself.

Under this full moon it will be time to ask the deeper perhaps more difficult questions about your life – what in your life is no longer resonating with you? What is not in alignment with who you are and what you want? What is not fulfilling or satisfying you? Where are you holding on for fear? And most of all where have you been hiding from the truth trying to convince yourself that it’s not so bad and you can put up with it?

The Capricorn moon is a moon of long-term visions and looking at the bigger picture of your life and so always shakes the foundations of our lives, as she only wants what is true, lasting, and long term to remain.

Although there will be emotion around this moon as she brings reality check, especially in the life areas you have been avoiding the truth about, if you can lean into this moon and what she is showing you there will also be clear decisions, direction, transformation, and a reclamation of your power and freedom.

This full moon will shine a light on where you have given away your power and the freedom to follow your path to other people, the same old fears and even to all that is happening in the outside world.

This full moon wants you to stay in your own power and know that you are a powerful co-creator of your world and reality. We only fear things when we are disconnected from our true source of power and looking to the outside world for safety, security, and stability. Look within, know your power, know who you are.

Whatever keeps you powerless, stuck and restricted in your life needs to go under this full moon. Under this full moon you are creating the future, by letting go of what needs to become the past.

As scary as it may seem to let go and make changes if you don’t do it now, you’ll never get to where you want to go. Do something brave under this full moon that your future self will thank you for.

This moon is calling you back into your power to decide what you want from your life and asking you to trust in what is possible for you and let go of anything that does not align with what you want and the bigger picture of your life.

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