Capricorn Full Moon - 3rd July 2023

Jun 29, 2023

Monday 3rd July at 12.39 BST is the Capricorn full moon

My Moon Musings… 

The last Sagittarius full moon came to help you to remember who you are and take aim towards the life you want. Then came the Gemini new moon to help you to drop out of your thinking mind into deeper levels of awareness and trust. Now to help us to create strong spiritual foundations to build the life we want is the Capricorn Full Supermoon.

So here we are, the midway lunar check in point of the traditional year. We always begin and end the year with the sun in Capricorn, and so the Capricorn full moon illuminates what we need to know as we reach this midway point.

Especially as this is a supermoon (when we get a new or full moon at a point closest to earth) we are going to feel the effects of this one so much more strongly.

There is going to be a lot of “feeling’ happening at this full moon, and as always emotions may swell with the waxing moon as she builds to full, especially if she needs to get your attention about anything you’ve ignoring or avoiding.

It may feel like a huge life shakeup and as though you’re suddenly woken up from where you’ve been slumbering through life, and as this happens you may find sudden realisations that you no longer want what you thought you wanted, or that you’ve been dreaming too small and allowing so much of yourself to go unrecognised and unappreciated.

This full moon will illuminate clearly is where you’ve dragged things you no longer needed through the doorway to the second half of the year, that the summer solstice took us through on the 21st June.

This full moon now brings the clearing, the letting go. It will show you what you are clinging and gripping to and shake the foundations of life areas that are not solid, true, and here for the long term.

Take an honest look at what you’re still dragging through the year – beliefs, a backpack of old resentments, hurts and pain, habits and behaviours, people, situations, look at anything that seems to be following you around and decide now whether it’s needed. If you didn’t let go at the Solstice here is your chance.

As we reach this lunar half way point of the year reflect back to the traditional new year and any resolutions you set for yourself and things you set out to do, achieve and make happen this year and how that is going.

Are your resolutions abandoned and long forgotten? Have you got off track with what you said you wanted at the start of the year? Have you sleepwalked your way through this first half of the year and let the things you wanted slip? 

This moon is where you now begin to invest back in yourself and what you want from your life and look once more to the longer term and what you want to create.

As you can see we’ve whipped through the first half of the year at what feels like lightning speed, and before we know it we’ll be at the end of another year.

So now is the time to look at where you want to be at the end of the year, and what you need to be doing now to make sure that you get there so that this second half of the year doesn’t pass you by.

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