Cancer Full Moon - January 2022

Jan 11, 2022

Monday 17th January at 23.48 GMT is the Cancer full moon

My Moon Musings… 

The last Gemini full moon came to illuminate the year gone by and our way forward. Then came the Capricorn new moon to lay the foundations for your dreams and the year ahead so that you can build your dreams into reality. Now to bring you home for 2022 is the Cancer full moon.

Here comes the first full moon of the year and it could not be more fitting that the moon is in her home of Cancer. The moon walked alongside us into this year with the first new moon of 2022, and now goes full for the first time in her ruling sign of cancer illuminating how we need to move forwards into the year ahead.

This is going to be a full moon that brings an intense energy to get us to pay attention and listen, and this energy will begin to build as always in the days running up to this full moon. The moon always pulls our feelings and emotions to the surface at a full moon, but never more so than when she is in her own sign.

Under the light of the full moon, you’ll clearly be able to see where you strayed from your new-moon intentions, what you allowed to stop you or hold you back or where you let self-doubt, fears and self-sabotage and procrastination get in the way. This full moon needs you to see where you hold yourself back time and time again so that you can break this cycle under this moon and not take it into this year with you.

To support with this, we have some powerful Pluto energies coming in at this full moon. Pluto is the most powerful planet in astrology, ruling death, rebirth, and transformation – and that’s just what Pluto opposite this moon wants to do – to help you to allow all those things that no longer serve you to die away so that you can be reborn and make considerable change and transformation in your life.

Once a year the sun meets Pluto in the sky, and for the full moon in cancer to be happening at the same time and opposite this is so, so significant. When the sun meets Pluto in their once a year conjunction it illuminates anything that you have been hiding from, deeply hidden fears and emotions and all the ways in which you don’t allow yourself to shine and be who you are. 

Under this full moon it’s time to stop giving your power away to other people and beliefs and stories that hold you back. It’s time to stop giving power to the voices of doubt and fear. It’s time to stop giving power to the voice that tells you “It’s ok for them’ or “I’ll do what I really want to do when this or if that”. It’s time to discover your inner power and strength and the part that you must play in the creation of your own life. It’s time to know yourself.

Everything that you want in life starts with YOU, the direction this year will take starts with YOU. It starts with you coming home to yourself under this moon and choosing you; knowing who you are, what you can offer, what you are capable of and what you want.

It’s time to come home.

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