Aries New Moon (Solar Eclipse) - 20th April 2023

Apr 14, 2023

Thursday 20th April at 05.12 BST is the Aries new moon solar eclipse

My Moon Musings

The last Aries new moon came to lead us into true new beginnings. Then came the Libra Full Moon to bring balance in these current times we are navigating and prepare us for eclipse season. Now taking us into eclipse season and opening up a pathway to a whole new world is the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse.

There are so many huge, powerful, rare things happening at this new moon solar eclipse from it being a hybrid eclipse to it being the second Aries new moon, happening just 10 minutes from the end of Aries and the revolutionary Pluto T square with the moon and lunar nodes bringing so much power, transformation, and life changing energy.

This dark/new moon may come with a lot of big emotional energy, particularly anger and grief and you may find a lot of suppressed or long ignored emotions rising to the surface.

This is here to show you what has served its purpose and what needs to be shed and left behind as it is no longer in resonance with you and your future direction.

There are likely to be endings over these eclipses, it’s the only way to open up the new beginnings. Anything not meant for you or that has been holding you back or anything, anyone or any parts of you that you have outgrown will need to be recognised and released to step into the new.

Eclipses always come along to nudge you back onto your path of destiny. They are connected to the lunar nodes, which represent your soul path, soul contracts and what you came here to do this lifetime.

Eclipses are often seen as bringing sudden endings and beginnings, unexpected changes and lightning bolts of clarity, insights, and guidance as you are shown where you have strayed from your path and purpose. 

Comfort zones will be blasted open and if you want to play your part in where the world goes next you won’t be able to stay small, hidden, and comfortable. You’ll be asked to rise, grow, and step up into more of your purpose.

This is a choice point, to stay or grow.

At this pivotal moment in time, you are being asked to trust the niggles, trust what is calling to you, trust what you deep down know you want and are capable of and deserve.

This new moon wants you to now be the leader of your own life and to create a life you want for yourself. This is a reminder that we are all powerful cocreators and the life you create for yourself contributes to the world and where it goes next. 

What new beginnings are you ready for? How will you trailblaze and lead the way?

This eclipse is opening doors to a new timeline, a new future, a new earth. You just need to be brave and bold enough to step into it and trust yourself and the part you have to play.


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