Aries New Moon - 21st March 2023

Mar 16, 2023

Tuesday 21st March at 12.23 GMT   is the Aries new moon

My Moon Musings

The last Pisces new moon came to help you to move forward into the more the Leo full moon showed you that you were ready for. Then for cleansing, completion, and culmination before we move into spring and a new astrological year came the Virgo full moon. Now to lead us into true new beginnings is the first of two Aries new moons.

You may not need telling that the energies are wild out there at the moment, and really beginning to ramp up as we move through the rest of March and into April. 

I first want to reassure you that this is all happening for us and is a necessary part of our soul’s evolution. We came here for these times so please trust that a part of you knows how to navigate them.

You may have experienced little or disturbed sleep, intense emotions, deep fatigue, and aches, uncertainty, confusion and certain parts of your life changing dramatically and suddenly as we move through the dark moon.

Know that this has been helping you to shed layers as wane through the final dark moon before the new beginnings. It is also helping to upgrade your energy and light bodies to be able to hold the new earth energy that we are moving towards.

Because new beginnings are coming, it’s everywhere in this chart. This is not even a new chapter, it’s a whole new story, a new book. This is a rebirth and the beginning of something completely new.

The Spring Equinox in itself is a powerful new beginning as we start a whole new astrological year. But when we add to that the new moon being the day after the Equinox AND happening at 0 degrees of Aries AND being the first of two Aries new moons (the second being an eclipse) AND 5 planets in Aries AND Pluto changing signs two days later AND the ruler of this moon Mars just having cleared its shadow period, we have a chart that is moving us forward, ready or not.

But you will be ready, you are ready, you’ve been getting ready for a long time. You’re going to feel deep within your soul that you are ready.

You’re going to be asked to trust at this moon, in what the human you can’t yet see or doesn’t yet know but something deep, deep within you just can’t ignore. 

Everything in the skies is purposeful right now and it’s guiding us forwards to where we, as individuals and a collective, need to go.

Trust at this moon. Trust what is calling you. Trust the journey. Trust your soul. Trust this evolutionary shift. Trust the process. Trust that you have chosen to be here and have a part to play in this new era.

This is the moment we have been waiting for, this is when this year finally gets moving and you get to create the future – yours and the collectives.

Be intentional at this new moon, with who you are, with what you want, and then take that first step into the unknown and let the universe, your soul and the skies guide the way…


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