Aries Full Moon - October 2022

Oct 04, 2022

Sunday 9th October at 21.55 BST is the Aries Full Moon

My Moon Musings… 

The last Pisces full moon came to help you to realise and let go of anything that stands in the way. Then came the Libra new moon to help you to recalibrate and find balance for the longer term. Now to help us with deep healing in preparation for eclipse season is the Aries Full moon.

You may not need telling that there is an awful lot going on at this full moon as the energies in the skies helps us to prepare for the eclipse season that lies ahead. As much as it may feel like a lot, there is a lot of support in this chart to help you to make changes and realisations so that eclipse season will be much easier.

Chiron is currently retrograde and revisiting old ground, meaning that as Chiron and the moon meet it’s going to bring up past wounds, hurt and pain, particularly around where you’ve felt abandoned, unworthy, and rejected.

You may be finding yourself experiencing heartbreak out of nowhere, spontaneous emotions or a sense of deep emotional pain, grief, and loss.

You may find issues surfacing around not feeling enough, or that you don’t fit in, aren’t achieving enough, or comparing yourself to others or things you’ve felt ashamed of coming back around.

Things happening in your life now may be triggering old emotions or pain that hasn’t been healed and so your reaction to current situations may seem bigger than necessary.

This is all to help you to see what remains unhealed within you so that you can begin to hold and heal yourself through these next few weeks before the eclipses come and bring everything to the surface 

With this moon being the completion and culmination point of the Libra new moon cycle you may also find things coming to a head in relationships and all the themes the libra new moon brought to light, especially around where you’re not free to be you. 

A big theme of this moon is to surrender to what is and to not try to force or fight. Remember that nothing meant for you will ever pass you by and this full moon is clearing the way for eclipse season.

Saturn and Uranus are now active in their final square, which won’t be exact to the minute again, but they are traveling at the same degree through the first few weeks of October, with their energy felt all the way through eclipse season until the end of November. 

The Saturn Uranus square energies are helping you to set yourself free from the old ways and what is no longer in alignment, and level up towards your soul destiny and who you came here to be – and this moon is here to help you to realise and let go of what has been holding you back.

To help with all of this we have both a grand air trine and a beautiful, rare kite that is opening up an extraordinary opportunity for growth and realising your full potential, a kite is often seen as a symbol for fate. 

Get honest with yourself about what remains unhealed and what old wounds and pains hold you back in old versions of you, allowing your past to dictate your present and causing you to react in certain ways.

This full moon is bringing the opportunity for huge change and transformation, preparing you for the eclipses by asking you to heal and affirm your own true worth.

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Thursday 6th October, 7-9pm (BST)

Free to be you with the Aries full moon


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