Aquarius Full Moon - August 2022

Aug 08, 2022

Friday 12th August at 02.36am BST is the Aquarius super full moon

My Moon Musings… 

Then last Capricorn super full moon asked you to let go of your comfort zone and take that first step in a new direction towards your true north. Then the Leo new moon came to help you to awaken you to more of yourself than ever before. Now to free you to be you and shine your light into the world is the Aquarius super full moon.

In case you hadn’t felt it this is a powerhouse of a full moon coming in strong to continue the work of the triple conjunction and Lionsgate portal and free you towards where you soul is calling you to go.

In the same way as the triple conjunction the energy around this full moon may feel uncomfortable, heavy, chaotic, confusing and there may be some big emotions coming to the surface.

Things may feel worse than they are and, especially as this moon works with the triple conjunction and Saturn Uranus square energies you may find yourself doubting your path, yourself, what you have to offer, the changes and decisions you are being called to make, your beliefs and whether all of this is even real and true.

The main message I want to give you in these times is to trust. Trust yourself, trust your soul, trust your journey, trust the universe, trust the process, trust the moon. Trust what is awakening and stirring with you and that gentle little knowing within of what you came here to do.

We are in one of the biggest awakening and upgrades we’ve had in our lifetime. This is a process of evolution for the whole of humanity, and you have a part to play in this. Your soul has chosen to be here right now to experience all that you are experiencing to help you to evolve, grow and transform and be part of the change the world needs.

This full moon is going to bring a reality check. It’s going to reveal what needs to be revealed. It’s going to shake up what you thought you wanted and knew. It’s going to uncover what you’ve been in denial about or avoiding. It’s going to disrupt the status quo.

It’s going to shake and test you and your life to your very core, but this is where the magic of this moon lies as she does this to ensure that you are truly following what calls to your soul and giving the world all of you and all that you came here to do.

So, you are going to be asked, under the illuminating light of this full moon to let go of all the ways you hide, silence, doubt, censor, shrink and deny yourself. All that keeps you from knowing and being yourself, all that keeps you feeling less than or questioning your worth.

Allow anything that makes you doubt or afraid to crumble. Allow anything that isn’t true for you, that doesn’t raise you and doesn’t make you happy to fall away. Let go of what is old and outdated and break free of all restrictions that hold you back from what you truly want.

The moon in Aquarius, especially in this grand cross with all the current power players and future makers of astrology, wants you to find a true sense of self and the courage to be who you are and honour what you want and need.

It’s now the time to be the change maker, be different, be disruptive, be rebellious, be quirky, be unique. Be you. No more toeing the line or being who you think others want or expect you to be. We want you in your full expression, power, and truth.

The more you show up as you, the true you, the more you will feel this as a powerful and exciting time to be here earth, at this time, to be part of the change, and the more you will be guided towards making the changes only you can make and offering what only you can offer. 

We need you; the world needs you, all of you. Time to be unapologetically you, and then watch the magic unfold.

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Wednesday 10th August, 7-9pm (BST) 

Free to be you with the Aquarius full moon


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