Aquarius Full Moon - August 2021

Aug 18, 2021

Sunday 22nd August 13.02 BST is the Aquarius full moon

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My Moon Musings… 

The first Aquarius full moon opened us up to our future and full potential. Then along came the Leo new moon to help you shine brightly as your most powerful, authentic and aligned self, and from this place manifesting anything that your heart and soul desires. Now here comes the second Aquarius full moon, the blue moon, to finish what the first full moon started and to help you really step into who you are here to be.

You may be feeling this full moon building a few days before she goes full. Maybe your emotions are all bubbling to the surface, certain things in your life feel as though they are falling apart, things that are not working are too obvious to ignore, you could be feeling an exhaustion, a bone tiredness or perhaps you have a spring in your step to suddenly go after something you’ve been putting off for a while.

All of this is the moon trying to get your attention, and you need to listen. Remember that the moon will talk to us through the inner world of our emotions, energy levels and dreams. This full moon is bringing such a huge opportunity for change and transformation in your life, and she needs you to listen, you’ve come too far to go back now.

This moon will illuminate for you what you need to be paying attention to, what you need to be focused on changing under this second Aquarius moon.

We have been on such a huge journey, not only just since the last Aquarius full moon and the Leo new moon Lionsgate portal, but over the last 18 months – and it’s been Aquarius energies guiding it all. This Aquarius blue moon is here now to help you to clearly see what it has all been for and to help you to step into a new future.

So, my loves, what is your once in a blue moon moment? What is it that you are finally ready to free yourself from, and in this space what and who are you finally ready to expand into?

This moon is bringing a powerful portal for change and transformation. It’s releasing you, liberating you, freeing you. Your soul is being called forward. You are being called to expand.

Under this moon you will be able to clearly see the lessons of the Aquarian energy and last 18 months and why you have been through what you have been through. It’s all been bringing you here, to this once in a blue moon moment. You’ve been slowly evolving into this higher version of you, glimpsing the future and all that’s possible for you and now it’s time to step into her and your future. It’s time.

This moon is freedom and liberation. This moon is a once in a blue moon opportunity to truly go after what you want. This moon will set you free and help you move forwards into the future that has been waiting for you.

Trust yourself, follow the blue moon, and you’ll have the support of the whole universe right behind you.

Join me for a lunar yoga and meditation class on Sunday 22nd August to welcome the Aquarius full moon. This is a live event in London, you are welcome to book a ticket for the live event OR, join us for the virtual event which will be live-streamed.

Sunday 22nd August, 11am-1.30pm BST



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