Virgo New Moon - September 2021

Sep 03, 2021

Tuesday 7th September 2021 at 01.52am BST is the Virgo New Moon

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My Moon Musings…

The last Leo new moon came to help you to shine brightly as your most powerful, authentic, and aligned self. Then came the second Aquarius full moon, the blue moon to finish what the first Aquarius full moon and Leo new moon Lionsgate portal started.

It asked you to begin to step into who you are here to be and to vision your once in a blue moon moment.

Now to bring the how, the plan and to ground your dreams into reality is the Virgo new moon.

 Virgo season and the Virgo new moon always bring a shift in energy, but I don’t know about you but I’m really, really feeling it this time. This sense of wanting to get grounded, get back to reality and move into a shift of pace and season to make changes and get things done.

The Virgo new moon comes along to help you to move forward, not only into autumn, but also in your life. This moon always tends to have a ‘back-to-school’ feel, as it ushers us out of summer and brings a sense of wanting to get work and other things done. With this moon, it will feel like a way forward is becoming clear.

This new moon is here to help you to take your Lionsgate portal and blue moon intentions and ground them into reality. This new moon is giving you the “how’s”, showing you the plan and the steps to take to move towards your blue moon dreams and who you are here to be.

This new moon brings earthy strength and stability, asking you to grow roots and set foundations for what you want to become and for the dreams and intentions you want to bring into physical reality in your life for the rest of the year.

Virgo will show you practical next steps and bring a logical plan, with all the information, knowledge, and support that you need to be able to easily move forward.

You may remember that we had a lot of Virgo energy supporting the blue moon as this moon released you, liberated you, called you forwards, called you to expand and begin to step into who you’re here to be and the future that’s been waiting for you. Now this Virgo energy is here to support you once more.

This new moon is being fully supported by nearly every planet meaning that this is a divine new beginning, a soul led new beginning, it’s cosmic and in many ways written in the stars.

It’s time now to make the changes that have been stirring within you for so long that you have been avoiding, putting off or not had time for over the summer.

The whole universe is on your side now to lead you into these new beginnings that have been waiting for you.

Time to step forwards my Love, and this new moon will show you the way.


Join me for a lunar yoga and meditation class on Monday 6th September to welcome the Virgo new moon. 

Monday 6th September, 7-9pm BST


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