Leo New Moon - August 2021

Aug 03, 2021

Sunday 8th August at 14.50 BST is the Leo new moon

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My Moon Musings…

The last Cancer new moon brought you home to yourself. Then along came the first of two Aquarius full moons to help you to know, understand and embrace who you are at a deep soul level, and to break free of anything that prevents you from living from this place.

Now continuing the homecoming is the Leo new moon, here to help you to shine brightly as your most powerful, authentic, and aligned self.

You’ll be able to feel the energy in the air as the Leo new moon meets the Lionsgate portal bringing through magical, expansive, abundant, high spiritual vibes.

The Lionsgate portal is a magical manifestation portal that opens up between the 28th July – 12th August, but the 8/8 is the official activation day due to the spiritual symbolism of the 8th day of the 8th month – 8 is a powerful manifestation number and also represents infinity and our souls infinite journey.

On the Lionsgate portal our earthly sun is in its home sign of Leo and our spiritual sun, Sirius rises in our skies and aligns with the sun and the earth.

If you imagine our earthly sun as the giver of life, light and nourishment to our bodies and the earth then Sirius, which is twice the size of and shines 25 times more brightly than our earthly sun, is the giver of life, light and nourishment to our souls.

This Sirius powered, sun lit new moon is here to help you to take back your power and expand into your full self. To live the life that you want to be living, to follow your heart and what makes you feel most alive.

And it will be obvious under this new moon as you are reminded of your souls’ essence, your calling, that you are here to experience life on earth in all of its fullness – you are not here to exist my love, you are here to live.

It’s time for you to shine, all of you. It’s time for you to take centre stage in your own life. It’s time to focus on what you want and need.

It’s time to connect to the divine in and around you. It’s time to step back into your power, say yes to you and life and light yourself all the way up.

You can manifest anything that your heart desires under this Lionsgate Leo new moon.

So, what do you want? You won’t be able to shake it off under this moon as it will be alive and alight within you, a burning desire, the call of your soul and the need to live and shine and express yourself fully.

It’s time to enter a new chapter, a new phase, a new direction. It’s time to take a step forwards, step up, show up.

It’s time to set your intentions for what you want, know who you are and step into a conscious new beginning that will light up and transform your life.

The portal is open, all you’ve got to do is declare that you are here and step through it…




Join me for a lunar yoga and meditation class on Thursday 5th August to welcome the Leo new moon.

Thursday 5th August, 7-9pm BST





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