Shop my jewellery collaboration with Zoe & Morgan. Discover our Goddess Path and Sacred Moon necklaces in 925 Sterling Silver or 22k Gold Plate.

The Goddess Path

Reawaken the Goddess within with this stunning necklace.

The triangle represents manifestation, enlightenment, power, and growth, while the serpent represents kundalini shakti and the rising of the divine feminine.

This necklace will help you to connect to the Goddess, the Shakti energy within you, giving you access to a greater power source and higher levels of consciousness. It will help awaken your feminine superpowers and connect you to your sacred power, intuition, inner knowing and magic.

Each time you wear it, it will remind you that you are a Goddess.

The Goddess Path, silver 
The Goddess Path, gold

Choose your Goddess inscription 

Choose to engrave your Goddess Path necklace with the triple goddess, Hecate symbol or Aphrodite symbol.

The Triple Goddess symbolises the maiden, mother, crone and waxing, full and waning moon it honours the divine feminine in all her forms, the transitional phases of a woman’s life journey and the cycles of nature.

Hecate, queen of the witches, magic, crossroads, the night and the moon. Hecate will help you to reclaim your magic, wisdom and wild feminine power. She will help you to unlock parts of yourself, set boundaries and find your way when you are lost.

Aphrodite is the Goddess of love, beauty and pleasure. Aphrodite will teach you the art of self-love and receiving. She will help you to know that you are worthy and deserving of your desires

Sacred Moon

The moon holds an ancient wisdom and power, helping us to live back in alignment with a natural rhythm and flow, know ourselves like never before and transform our lives.

Set your new and full moon intentions on this stunning moon, and then wear it daily so that the moon can guide you and weave her magic in your life.

Sacred Moon, silver 
Sacred Moon, gold