It’s time to reclaim our voices, our intuition, our power and our magic.

It's time to heal the witch wound.


What is the witch wound?

 The witch wound is a trauma that’s buried deep in our psyche and our DNA. 

It is carried from our past lives and ancestral lineages, from times when women were persecuted, shamed and even killed for being healers, wise women, wild women, herbalists, visionaries and truth holders.

 It’s what makes us fear being different or too much, it’s what prevents us from doing what we are being called to do, it stops us speaking and shining and sharing our gifts and keeps us small and hidden and afraid.

 No more. It’s time to reclaim the witch within.l

If you’re feeling the call join us.

Together we unite. Together we rise.


The Week of the Witch 

If you're ready to reclaim your inner witch, heal the witch wound and embrace your gifts, magic and power join me for a Week of the Witch.

The Week of the Witch will begin with the Heal the Witch Wound workshop. I will tell you all you need to know about the witch wound and how to reclaim your inner witch. 

You’ll also receive 7 days of transformational practices, rituals, journal prompts and meditations to help you to heal and reclaim all of who you are.

This week will be transformational, life changing, and honestly, magical. You’ll uncover what has been hidden and lost, heal ancient wounds and reclaim the fullness of your magic, power, gifts and worth. 

If you hide your spiritual practices and beliefs from others for fear of being ridiculed or judged, if you know you have more to offer but you feel afraid and doubt yourself or your gifts, if you fear speaking the truth or struggle to listen to and trust your intuition this week is for you. 

The world needs you in your full power and magic more than ever before. Listen to the call. It’s time to rise. It’s time to heal the witch wound. 


"I’m so glad I made time to watch the replay. Despite it not being live I felt completely connected to all those beautiful women drawn to Heal the Witch Wound. I resonated with everything you said."

"Sooo many emotions and realisations flooded my entire body. Some that felt strangely familiar and some that were definitely recollections of past wounds that made so much sense of how they still impact me today!"


The Week of the Witch includes: 



This workshop is hosted on a special members only log in area of my website and is available to watch and rewatch as many time as you like.

The workshop will be made available for a minimum of 12 months.


7 days of spiritual practices.

A new daily practice sent straight to your inbox, each day for a week. Yours to keep and repeat as often as you like.


Not ready for the full Week of the Witch?

For flexibility, you're more than welcome to join just the Heal the Witch Wound workshop - you can always upgrade to the full Week of the Witch later if you change your mind.


Booking Information

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