Raise your vibration. Send healing out into the world.

Dedicate just 10 minutes a day to create a deeper connection and awareness within yourself.

Join over 8000 people who have raised their vibes through daily meditation.


Calm the Mind and Send Love and Healing Out Into the World. 


  I will send you a new guided meditation each week that will lead you through not only finding a deeper connection and awareness with yourself, but also sending love and positive vibes out into the world at a time when its needed the most.

As each one of us commits to raising our own vibration and living from a place of deep connection and trust, we can create a ripple effect around the world. We can help raise the vibration, we can become the beam of light and our collective intent and energies can and will make a difference.


Spend just 10 minutes a day in meditation to raise your vibration and send healing to the world. 


Includes an audio introduction and your first guided meditation. This meditation is perfect for those days you need to receive a little support, nourishment, grounding and healing from the earth. You also get the opportunity in this meditation to offer some much needed healing and love back to the earth.


This meditation is perfect for those times that you feel like everything is too much and you want to create a safe sanctuary of space and protection around yourself. After this meditation, nothing can come back in your bubble unless you allow it.


Inner Spark of Your Soul Meditation

This meditation is perfect for those times you want to connect to the spark of light and life within you. As well as connecting to your soul, you'll shine your light out into the world.


Trust and Intuition Meditation

This week I want you to notice and benefit from the inner stillness that you will have gained during the last three weeks of meditation. Use this meditation to feel into and trust your intuition. Trust that you truly do know what you need in each moment.    


Starting your day with a short meditation practice will help you to build a strong inner foundation. Focus your awareness on your breath, allowing it to guide you into yourself. Take note of any insights or answers that come to you during this quiet time, you may even wish to journal on what comes up for you, especially how you feel - you'll really begin to notice a change.

In this challenge, I will send you a new meditation each week for four weeks. Repeat the meditation throughout the week. The idea of this challenge is to really FEEL the love, the positive energy and good vibes.

"Amazing experience. I've been unable to find any meditations similar to yours or that I gain as much from. I will be forever grateful to you for joining... I can't speak highly enough of it & I am someone who had NEVER meditated before and after just 6/7 weeks I can't imagine my life without it"

"These meditations were probably the best meditations I've ever done. They brought me so much calm, grounding and stillness."

"I really enjoyed the 30 day meditation challenge. The music really stood out for me. I loved it, and how calming it was. The root meditation was the one I connected with the most."

"I have tried so many meditations and always give up. Kirsty had some beautiful visualisations which lead me to explore my mind deeper rather than feeling constricted to follow instructions."

"I really enjoyed it so thank you for putting me back in touch with meditation as I've found it hard to find the right guided one for me in the past"

"I felt calmer and my days became more manageable. I slept better and my heart rate reduced."

"Thank you so much for this beautiful guided meditation experience. I have continued to listen to the recordings and feel they allow me to come into alignment for the day ahead."

"It was a wonderful experience, as someone who is just dipping their toes into the practice of meditation."


Raise your vibration. Send healing out into the world.

Join the 8000+ people who have raised their vibes through daily meditation. Commit to just 10 minutes a day. Create a deeper connection and awareness within yourself.