Once again, the wheel of the year turns, taking you into a new energy phase to work with.   

The equinoxes prepare you for a change in the earths energy and offer a moment of pause, on the day that day and night are equal length, to catch up with yourself once again and stand poised in the present before tipping over the edge into a new season.

The spring equinox brings us the first day of spring. Can you feel it in the air? The promise of longer days, warmth and sunshine. The feeling that something magical is waiting just around the corner. The longing for planning adventures and an inner stirring that tells you to begin to uncover some of the dreams that you have hidden during the hibernating winter months.

Ostara, or the spring equinox, is all about positive life changes, new beginnings and opportunities, initiating creative ventures, planning adventures and clearing out what is no longer needed in your life.

It’s about allowing the seeds of all that you want to create in your life to begin to burst out into the world and blossom and bloom. It’s time to awaken and come back to life.


To help you to work with these energies, and to start the astrological new year in the best possible way, I have created a spring equinox new beginnings pack.

The pack contains a soul guidance workbook of questions and journaling prompts, and a spring meditation.


Spring New Beginnings Pack 


Soul Guidance Workbook

A soul guidance workbook full of questions to get curious on and journal prompts to help you reflect on the year so far and navigate your way forwards at this turn of the seasons.

Guided Meditation

This 18-minute meditation will bring you back into balance in your life, helping you to let go of what you no longer need to create space for spring new beginnings.

Feel yourself awaken and come back to life.

Spend the Spring Equinox

with Your Soul

 Spring New Beginnings Pack

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Spring New Beginnings Crystal Collection

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