'One to watch. It's the perfect toolkit for understanding the moon' - Cosmopolitan


Are there certain days when you feel overly emotional for no apparent reason? Do you have days when you feel exhausted, close to burn out and like you want to hide away from the world?


Lunar Living could be just the answer that you are looking for. Working with the constantly changing phases of the moon helps you to understand yourself like never before, to realign everything in your own life, to understand when you need to rest and self-care and when you need to shine and make things happen. Living back in tune with this natural flow and taking care of you and your needs, even if that's just twice a month will make the biggest difference to how you feel, act and react the rest of the month.


• Feel empowered to make big life decisions

• Understand yourself better

• Tune into your natural cycles

• Improve your sleep, mental health and relationships

• Live a happier, more intentional life 

A beautiful hardback, complete with a blue foil finish, this is the perfect toolkit for understanding the moon and the effects it has on us. Lunar Living helps us to work with the moons phases to understand the ever-changing landscape of our emotions and the inner world of our purpose, goals and dreams and tune into this deeper wisdom to make profound shifts in our lives. If you've ever felt stuck, meaningless, overly emotional for no apparent reason or want to come back into alignment with a natural cycle to help you to move forwards in life and achieve your dreams and goals this is the book for you.


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'Your book is absolutely amazing, Kirsty. You're one of the best 10 guests of all time.' - Chris Evans, The Chris Evans Show on Virgin Radio


One to watch. It's the perfect toolkit for understanding the moon.' - Cosmopolitan


'Could the moon change your life? How it holds the key to your health, happiness and even your wealth. Meet the expert who can prove it.' - YOU Magazine


'In her new book ... Gallagher expands on the idea of using moon days for self-care, by exploring how by combining moon cycles with astrology, you can use the year's moon days to focus on specific issues in your life.' - The Independent


'Absolutely fascinating. This is going to be worth giving to your kids.' - Chris Evans


'This book has changed my life. I can't explain how much it's changed my perspective on work and views on my current lifestyle.' - Steph Elswood




Kirsty Gallagher is a renowned moon mentor, published author, soul alignment coach and yoga teacher.  

Her debut book Lunar Living: Working with the Magic of the Moon Cycles is a Sunday Times Top 10 Bestseller and has helped thousands of people live their lives with intention using the phases of the moon.

Kirsty has appeared as a guest on This Morning with Holly Willoughy and Philip Scofield as well as Virgin Radio - host Chris Evans is a firm fan. 

Alongside a full teaching and coaching schedule, Kirsty consults for and runs a number of corporate wellness programme, talks and workshops. She is a lululemon legacy ambassador and runs regular workshops for Selfridges. She hause taught yoga on House of Fit for Fitbit and has talked at Mind Body Spirit, Women's Health Live, Om Yoga Show, Wilderness Festival, Sweat and Sound and Lululemon’s Sweatlife festival.

Kirsty is a regular contributor for the yoga and wellness press, featured in The Times, National Geographic, Metro, The Mirror, Red Magazine, Happiful, Women’s Health, Spirit and Destiny and many more.

Kirsty lives in Notting Hill, London. 


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 "This book is amazing!!! It tells you absolutely everything you need to know, from the origin and history of lunar cycles, to the specific meaning of each phase, and all the practices, rituals and journal prompts you need for each phase and sign. I don’t think I need to buy another moon book again!"

 "Love love this brilliant little book! So informative and easy to follow. I'm totally rethinking the way I live my life based on the advice in here! Everyone should read it."

"Absolutely love it! The love and passion that has gone into writing this book is utterly wonderful! A fabulous read. I would highly recommend to anybody who is into the moon and her energy. Practical guidance which will empower more than you realise.. Happy reading."

"This is a lovely, little book to introduce you to the moon phases and how they impact (feminine) energy patterns. It includes astrological guidance linked with the moon, with guidance on how to live your best life and be the best you. It is a clear, easy read. Working with the magic of the moon cycles has been interesting and fun, as well as insightful :)"

"I adore this book and Kirsty! I have a passion and love for the moon and have always been really drawn to it. The book helps you understand yourself better, have a happier life, feel empowered and connect with your intuition and your life intentions. I keep buying it for all my friends! It’s a book that will be on my bedside table for life!"

"Life-changing. Make sure to follow the author, Kirsty Gallagher, on social media too if this is your thing. Quality of the book itself only enhances the amazing content further."

"You have absolutely nailed this Kirsty, from the beautiful cover that surrounds your wise words, to the breakdown of information and simplicity of your explanations. I hear your tone in every word I read which fills me with the greatest joy that I am learning directly from you with each page I turn. This really is a stunning book, the perfect size, texture and tone for those wishing to learn more about the natural way our emotions should ebb and flow. It pays particular attention to mama moon who shows us every day that you should show up, no matter what stage you are in, you are where you need to be in your journey right now and there’s beauty in every phase."

"You won't be disappointed with this gorgeous book. Kirsty has a way of writing that just draws you in. I love that everything is broken down into sections which makes it easy to digest and that there are directions for each sign of the zodiac. If you've ever wanted to know how to add a little moon magic into your life, this book is for you. Loved learning more about moon rituals and crystals too!"

"The release of this book was long awaited and I’m so delighted with the result. I refer to this book on a regular basis alongside Kirsty’s social media posts. Kirsty’s words and guidance give me strength, confidence and sanity in this crazy world we live in. If you’re vaguely interested in astrology and the moon and are looking for a guide to help you through I’d strongly recommend this book. Written in a way to make it easy to understand no matter your depth of knowledge of the moon and astrology."

"WOW. This book is amazing. Absolutely loved it. If you have ever wondered why you feel funny emotionally and can’t explain some feelings, have been curious about the moon or whenever Mercury is in retrograde, and want to work WITH the moons (not against them) then you will not be disappointed by this book. It is beautifully written by Kirsty. So clear and easy to digest. With actionable ways to incorporate the moon cycles into your life. I feel soooo excited to get started with applying this to my life."



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