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The Lunar Living gift subscription allows you to buy a one-off 3-month membership for a lucky moon sister of your choice.

Simply make the purchase using the link below and we'll send you a digital gift certificate for the recipient to redeem when they are ready to start their lunar journey.

  • 45-min live sisterhood circle each new moon
  • 30-min live sisterhood circle with Q&A each full moon
  • Moon musings, each new and full moon (written and audio)
  • Soul enquiry journaling prompts for each moon
  • Guided meditations for each moon
  • Guidance on what to work on under each moon
  • Waxing/waning guide to the moon's daily movements, signs, phases and aspects
  • A guide to which house the moon is illuminating for you with affirmations and journal prompts
  • Crystal suggestions for each moon


  • Exclusive 50% discount to my Soul Space lunar yoga & meditation classes and Sacred Space seasonal yoga, meditation and ritual events for the lifetime of your membership* (with complementary replays)
  • Access to private members area of my website
  • Private online community (our sisterhood)


*Terms and Conditions apply

3-month gift subscription to Lunar Living - £69


"Lunar Living is life. I have been following for over a year now and love every part. The community is super strong, helping us all through the ebbs and flows of the seasons."

"I started with Lunar Living and needed the support to guide me through these big life decisions and boy have I made them! With the guidance of Lunar Living over the past 9 months I took the leap in many ways and decided to follow my heart, closing many chapters - relationships, work and location!"

"Finding Kirsty literally changed my life. I am forever grateful to her and the universe for sending such a wonderful gift to this world."

"I’ve learned how to recognise, understand, and work with the cycles of the moon, my body’s cycle, the seasons of the natural world and my own creative cycles, while connected to a community of women exploring the same. It feels like a deep, somatic understanding, like I’m physically “getting it” on a new level."

"For me, the new and full moon soul enquiries have made the most impact on my life… it really connects me to my intuition…helping me work out what is important now…the soul guidance lets me know exactly what I need to be doing"

3-month gift subscription to Lunar Living - £69