Calling all witches.

It’s time to gather.


Heal the Witch Wound

A 1-hr workshop (recording)


 It’s time to reclaim our voices, our intuition, our power, our magic.


The witch wound is a trauma that’s buried deep in our psyche and our DNA.

It is carried from our past lives and ancestral lineages, from times when women were persecuted, shamed, and even killed for being healers, wise women, wild women, herbalists, visionaries, and truth holders.


It’s what makes us fear being different or too much, it’s what prevents us from doing what we are being called to do, it stops us speaking and shining and sharing our gifts and keeps us small and hidden and afraid.


No more. It’s time to reclaim the witch within.

It’s time to call back your power and magic. It’s time to show up and speak up and share your gifts with the world.


If you’re feeling the call join us.

Together we unite.

Together we rise.

Heal the Witch Wound - £18

 Together we rise and unite.

Booking Information & Conditions 
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Kirsty Gallagher cannot be held responsible for connectivity, internet or technical issues, ill health and lateness to the class for any reason and no refunds will be issued. 
 No refunds will be made available.