From the bestselling author of Lunar Living comes the ultimate guide to crystals and how they can help you live your best life.


This is the one book you need in order to understand how crystals can enhance your everyday life and look after you.


In Part 1, Kirsty explores what crystals are, how they work, before going on to explain how you choose, care for and programme them, and how to go about using them.


Then, in Part 2, Crystals for Self-Care delves deeper into the many areas in which crystals work their magic.


Chapters include Crystals for Love and RelationshipsCrystals for Stress and Anxiety and Crystals for Work and Business.

Crystals for Self-Care will leave you feeling empowered, supported and ready to embark on your own crystal journey!



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"In my experience, the thing that prevents many people from starting work with crystals is the feeling that they don't understand what they are, how they work or what they should do with them. I wish to change all that.

In Crystals for Self-Care, I suggest different powerful crystals to start you on your journey into crystal magic - these can be found on my online crystal shop - Soul Emporium. Each comes with a how-to guide so you know exactly what to do.

Your journey into crystal magic starts here..."