Taurus New Moon - 8th May 2024

May 04, 2024

Wednesday 8th May 2024 at 04.22 BST  is the Taurus new moon

My Moon Musings

The last Aries new moon solar eclipse came to forge a new pathway forward in your life. Then, to bring the alchemy and transformation and reveal the pathway forwards was the Scorpio full moon. Now to help us to anchor and ground in these new realities is the Taurus new moon.

This is our first new moon after eclipse season which not only opens a whole new cycle to work with but is also working with Jupiter and Neptune highlighting and reigniting the big conjunction energies.

This new moon is where we now begin to establish a new way forward, a new way of being and begin to work in the energies of the conjunction inviting new levels of abundance, expansion, self-care, and self-worth into our lives and moving forward from this place.  

We have had a lot of big, intense, evolutionary, transformational energies over the last few weeks and months, which may have felt like a lot and at times even too much.

And so, the first thing that this new moon will do is give you a moment to pause, breathe, ground, and gather yourself.  

If you feel especially exhausted, depleted, and drained in the dark moon energies that’s this new moon urging you to take a moment to just be, and doing this will help you to work with the energies of this new moon in a much more profound way.

One of the biggest things that this new moon wants for you with a stellium of planets in Taurus including Venus, the ruler of this moon, is to nourish and nurture yourself and make yourself more of a priority in your own world.

It’s only from a place of being fully anchored, grounded and at home in yourself and your values, worth and sense of self that you will ever be able to truly make change, move forwards and do things differently in your life.

This is the only place from which you can truly know what you want and then believe in yourself enough to get it.

It’s time to begin to make new decisions and new choices that mirror who you have now grown into and to find the courage to say no to what no longer serves you and yes to what you truly desire, even if it scares you.

This moon is here to remind you that you are worthy of it, you deserve it, and can create and build anything that you want in your life.

This moon wants you to anchor so deeply into practices of self-love, self-care, and self-worship so that you establish inner foundations of self-belief, self-knowing and self-worth from which you no longer accept anything less than what you deserve and move into the world from an abundant expansive place rooted in a deep sense of knowing who you are, what you want and what you deserve.

It's time to move forwards from an expansive place of more trust, belief and abundance.

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