Scorpio New Moon - 13th November 2023

Nov 09, 2023

Saturday 13th November 2023 at 09.27 GMT is the Scorpio New Moon

My Moon Musings

The last Libra new moon solar eclipse lead us into our eclipse journey showing you what was out of alignment and guiding you out of your comfort zone. Then came the Taurus full moon lunar eclipse to help you to find stable inner foundations of knowing your worth and what you were done with. Now to begin to take what the eclipses showed you and use this to move forwards in a new way is the Scorpio new moon.

First things first this is a superpower supercharged new moon and as such the dark moon energies may really try to get your attention. Emotions may be deep and raw, and you may find a lot of old fears and memories arising, but please know that this is part of the process and alchemy of this lunar cycle.

Be with your emotions, let them show you, teach you, transform you. They are messengers to help guide you back towards your true north. Notice in particular if any of the same stories, themes, and fears from the eclipses are coming back around. 

The eclipses, and especially the Taurus full moon lunar eclipse offered a deep inner knowing around what it’s time to let go of, walk away from and release in your life.

And it’s at this new moon now that the deep purge will take place so that you can make a conscious decision to move forward in a different way.  

Scorpio energy always takes us into our depths to reveal what lingers beneath the surface and what we hide from, avoid and where we let the shadows of doubts, fears and past experiences keep us secretly stuck and afraid – but never more so than after eclipses and especially as the last eclipse closed off the Taurus/Scorpio eclipse energies.  

This new moon is now here to help you to take what you have learned from this eclipse cycle and the previous few years that the lunar nodes were in Taurus/Scorpio (January 18th, 2022 – 17th July 2023) and use it to progress, move forwards and do things differently. But that often first means having the courage to see what’s always held you back. 

If you can be with the uncomfortable emotions and notice where and why you are being triggered, or and the ways in which you always get in your own way or how you always let the same stories and doubts hold you back you have a real opportunity at this new moon to set yourself free.

It’s going to take some raw honesty, soul searching and personal responsibility but you’re ready. Know that you are ready. This is what the eclipses have been moving you towards, and this is now the course correction that your soul needs you to take.

As the alchemist, shaman, and phoenix of the zodiac this Scorpio new moon is here to help you to set yourself free from all that has held you back and rise from the ashes of your past to step fully into your future.

It’s time to let go of old versions of you and your life that you have outgrown and powerfully claim a new you.

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