Sagittarius New Moon - 12th December 2023

Dec 07, 2023

 Tuesday 12th December 2023 at 23.32 GMT is the Sagittarius new moon

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The last Scorpio new moon came to begin to take what the eclipses showed you and use it to move forwards in a new way. Then to help you to write a new story of what’s possible for you was the Gemini new moon. Now to take that new story and turn it into a vision for the future is the Sagittarius new moon.

Welcome to the final new moon of 2023. The final lunar intention and creation cycle of this year. This is a powerful visionary new moon that is going to set the foundations for how we move into next year.

This is a new moon that’s going to help you to begin to envision and look forwards towards what you want to create and manifest in your life, and with Sagittarius optimistic, expansive energy you’re going to be able to dream, and dream big.

Sagittarius is a sign of truth seeking and finding personal freedom, and so there may also be a few reality checks around this new moon about things that are no longer aligned or meant for you if you truly want to go where you say you want to go next year.

Even though we’re deep in the depths of winter and do need to be resting, retreating, and gathering our energy this new moon will bring a beautiful energy of reflection, healing and finally being ready to move out of your comfort zone and begin something new – when you’ve rested and gathered the energy for it!

You’re going to feel a desire and motivation for growth, new experiences, finally saying yes to all that has been scaring you or you’ve been putting off and an excitement about all that is possible for you as we enter a new traditional year.

With the world all around us still in deep hibernation this is where you use this still, inner time for visualising, dreaming, envisioning, seeing the future, seeing the bigger picture, and feeling the optimism, excitement, and hope for all that’s possible and all that’s to come.

You may not have all the answers or the how’s just yet, the plan of action and how you can achieve it may not come until the next Capricorn new moon. But what this new moon will bring is that inner spark of belief, trust and knowing that even if you don’t quite know how you know that you can.

Nourish, nurture, and feed this inner spark by gathering to you all the knowledge, resources, learning, healing, growth, trust, and spiritual practices that you need for all that you want to be able to grow and come to life next year.

There couldn’t be a better symbolism for this new moon than that of the archer. Think of this new moon as taking aim towards what you want, and then drawing back your bow to prepare to go after what you want in the traditional year ahead.

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